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  1. Wingback Chair Burnt Orange Front


    Delivery W/C 29th of January!

    This burnt orange fabric wingback armchair provides an elegant addition to any home, adding a comfortable seat that everyone can enjoy. We also offer FREE UK wide next day delivery for these chairs.

  2. Hampton Oatmeal Check Fabric Wingback Chair



    Sloane & Sons are nothing shy of understated, and this golden yellow check armchair will suit your home perfectly as a statement piece. Why not finish off your study with a much needed reading corner, as this wing chair will provide you with so much comfort you'll be reading for hours on end.

    Better yet this armchair is ideally suited next to a cosy fireplace, and provides the comfort and style you need to never want to get up again. Traditional yet modern this wingback chair is an undeniable luxury you can't afford to miss out on.

  3. Mink Wing Back Armchair Front



    The Wingback Armchair is an easy arm chair that has wings, which are mounted to the back of the chair, stretching down to the armrests. The chairs are immersed in both history and practicality. They were first introduced to England in the 1600s. The wing chairs are a stylish addition to the formal living rooms even though their designs have changed very little ever since they were first created.

  4. Wingback Chair Kew Oatmeal Front



    Comfortable and elegant design, this twee floral oatmeal wingback armchair is the ideal addition to any home. This armchair is eligible for FREE UK wide next-day delivery. The floral pattern will fit perfectly within anyone's home decor and adds that pop every room needs!

    The traditional design of this chair is punctuated by a high back and wings. Although initially intended to prevent body heat from escaping, these very same features are able to lend a considerable amount of orthopaedic support. Those who may be suffering from back problems will therefore be pleasantly surprised at what this chair has to offer.

  5. coffee brown wing chair front



    A beautifully crafted coffee brown winged back fireside armchair. The perfect addition to a nice warm cottage this winter enabling you to snuggle up to the fire with a nice cup of tea and a good book. Our wing chair collection is exclusive to Sloane & Sons and each of our chairs come with a complimentary scatter cushion for additional lumbar support.

  6. Sage Green Fabric Wingback Chair Front



    A statement green colour and the luxury upholstery gives this chair its boudoir feel. In a sage green hue not even the pickiest of buyers can say no to, this wingback chair is a versatile size, and comfy too.

    Whether you have a large sitting room, or are short on space, our wing chair has been designed to accommodate any living space. This chair is made for relaxing - deep and inviting with a high supportive back. In soft, tactile green fabric with dark stain legs.

Small fireside wingback chairs

Sloane & Sons wing chairs are small fireside chairs that have “wings" mounted to the back of the chair that stretch down to the arm rests. Wing back chairs are immersed in history and practicality, first being introduced to England in the 1600’s, to bring a stylish addition to libraries or formal living rooms, and realistically, the design has changed very little since then. Historically, the purpose of the "wings" was to enclose the head of the sitter in order to provide comfortable protection from drafts, and to capture the heat from the fire in the area where the person would be sitting.

In present times, wingback chairs are still often used near a fireplace but this belies the versatility of wing chairs in bedrooms, studies, hallways and indeed company reception areas. Placed in a corner of a room with a lamp nearby, this chair becomes a super reading chair for your newspaper or Kindle. Placed in the bedroom, it is the perfect resting placing to put on your shoes or just take it easy. Instead of a swivel chair in your study have a wing chair to relax in as your desk companion, while you reply to emails or write that novel you promised to yourself years ago, or if you are a business, why not welcome visitors to your company with comfortable chairs that match your decor. Thanks to its height and stately presence, a wing chair can give purpose to any space.

The current trend is for wing chairs to be upholstered and have wooden legs but there would be nothing wrong in painting the legs of your chair in a bright colour if you wished to ring the changes as time progresses. Embrace its versatility rather than pigeon hole it in history.