Wingback Chairs

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Stylish Wingback Chairs

Our striking and well-designed winged back chairs are perfect for kicking back on those frosty evenings when you are cuddling up to the fire, enjoying a book, or scrolling on your phone. Make yourself look like a perched eagle with our colourful wingback armchairs sat by a glistening fire and get the feeling you have gone back in time, especially if there is a heavy storm outside to parallel the crackling fire.

Wingback chairs have been a part of furniture history as far back as the 1600s, and it is no wonder that they are still very popular today due to their authenticity and comfort. For context, these “wings” have been retro-designed into the chairs to help prevent the draft from distracting your leisure and will help you stay in the moment, hence why they are also referred to as fireside chairs.

Fabulous Fireside Chairs & Wingback Armchairs

Position your fabulous fire chairs in any corner of your room, preferably by a reliable source of light, such as a lamp or fireplace, and become lost in the moment that you may quickly end up falling asleep due to how comfortable and relaxing the upholstery is. Quality is maintained for each of our winged back chairs to ensure that customers and the brand stay satisfied, and your guests will feel the same when they see your new investment in our wingback chairs. Whilst swivel chairs are great for meetings and deskwork, wingback armchairs are better for enjoying solitary company or gatherings, and you cannot go wrong with a colour that will match your décor.

Winged back armchairs are still incredibly popular due to their design and comfort, with a mixture of fabric and wooden legs, so do not hesitate to purchase one now to find out for yourself.


Where should wingback chairs be placed?

Ideally, wingback chairs should be placed in front of your fireplace to retain as much heat as you can from the fire, and you will be less vulnerable to draft.

Is a winged back chair comfortable?

They are specifically designed to be extremely comfortable for the user. The fabric will blot out any pressure points, prevent you from feeling like you are sliding out of the chair, and will help with back support.

How to reupholster a wingback chair?

You can reupholster your old or used winged back armchairs by using already accessible materials in your household if you are sticking to a budget. Textiles such as old curtains are a popular choice to use.

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