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Turquoise Blue Faux Leather Swivel Tub Chair

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Turquoise Blue Faux Leather Swivel Tub Chair



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If you’re looking for a tub chair to stand out amongst the rest, look no further. With a vibrant Turquoise blue finish that lies somewhere between electric and royal blue, this is certainly a show stopper. Whether intended for an office environment or as a statement living room piece, the lively blue faux leather finish adds a splash of colour to any room.

The bright colour adds contrast to a more neutrally coloured room – think shades of white, beige or tan - or matches a blue-hued décor with ease. Even in rooms of more traditionally clashing colours, say red or pink, this electric blue will sit at ease and attract compliments and comment from visitors.

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Scientific studies have been carried out on the best colours for creativity, and while red topped the polls for enhancing attention to detail, blue was miles ahead for boosting creativity. This makes this bright blue swivel chair the ideal accompaniment for creative thinkers, whether your creativity is in your work-life or merely in thinking of the best way to ‘encourage’ your partner or friend to get you some more snacks for the film you are sitting down to enjoy.

Despite the modern look, swivel chairs were invented by none other than Thomas Jefferson in the 1700s – some 300 plus years ago. Some say that he even wrote the United States Declaration of Independence while sitting in one. Later, Jefferson transported his pet project – the first swivel chair – to Monticello, his Virginia holiday home, where he added to it a ‘writing paddle’. It isn’t hard to see why he was so fond of the style. The ability to twist and in an instant and be facing the other direction – whether it is to grab a pen or to yell at the rowdy kids in the back garden – makes the swivel chair an invention of genius simplicity. No more jumping out of your chair only to slouch back in relief a moment later. Spin, twist, grab and done.

The ‘tub’ design of this chair makes it a comfortable seat for any activity. The cradling structure provides luxury and support in equal measures, making it a consumer-approved seating option. With a rigid yet comforting back support and arm rests, the tub swivel chair is as functional in the living room in front of the TV as it is behind a desk. Plus, the design means it will likely match the couch perfectly. The faux leather finish melds comfort with practicality, all while remaining animal friendly. Combine this with our ethically sourced wooden frame and our blue faux leather swivel chair is economical and ethical as well as being comfortable. You will have no more worries about spilled drinks, as anything spilled or sticky wipes up quickly and easily – ideal for busy households filled with children and pets. Similarly, accidental pen or highlighter marks will wipe off easily, helping to keep your office in shipshape condition.

This brilliantly blue faux leather swivel chair is the ideal addition to any household.


Additional Information

Height 82 cm
Width 73 cm
Depth 79 cm
Seat Height 43 cm
Colour Turquoise
Material Faux Leather
Pattern Plain

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