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Believed to have originated in France more than 250 years ago, tub chairs have seen a lasting popularity all over the world since their favour with King Louis XV. Apparently named by American designer Charles F Montgomery due to their resemblance to a bath tub, these stylish chairs continue to delight homeowners and interior designers alike. Tub chairs will fit seamlessly into any room and, with their wide range of colours, patterns and materials, are perfect for all requirements or design specifications. We have the perfect buyer’s guide to inform you on everything you need to know about tub chairs to help you make the right decision before completing your purchase.

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What Is a Tub Chair?

Hugely popular where comfort and ease are required, tub chairs are a contemporary seating option with arms that are attached to the back rest. With comfortable cushioning, a low seat and a supportive back and arms, tub chairs are available in a wide range of colours and patterns that will provide a bold addition to any room of a family home.

What To Consider Before Buying

When deciding to buy a tub chair, there are a few things you should take into account before making a purchase. A daring inclusion, planning ahead before you begin to shop for one of these charming chairs will guarantee you get exactly what you need for the right price. Before making a final decision, make sure you consider:

  • Function – Think about who is most likely to be using this chair and what they will be using it for. A classic tub chair would be best if you plan on spending many an hour relaxing or reading in your chair, but an accent chair would be a good choice for those with children as there is more room for fidgeting and wear and tear.
  • Comfort and Quality – The quality of all materials, from the wooden frame and the insulation through to the fabric that is holding it together, and the comfort they provide should be a top priority when buying a tub chair. Whether you plan on spending hours in it or sitting guests in it just for a few minutes, choosing a high-quality chair that provides great comfort will make for an excellent investment.
  • Space – Make sure you know where you want to put a tub chair and that it is the right size for where you want it to go. Suited for living rooms, bedrooms and foyers as well as the public sector, tub chairs can blend in to many environments, but knowing the aesthetic you want to create in a room will help you make a smart choice.
  • Style – Choosing a style, including material, colour and pattern, that fits the overall aesthetic of the rest of the room is one of the most important decisions when buying any piece of furniture. Some materials (like fabric or linen) are easier to clean than others (like leather) so make sure to take this into consideration too.
  • Your Budget – It can be easy to over-buy with furniture because of the colour, pattern, design or other specific aspects of a piece. Investing a little more in good quality furniture will likely prove to be a long term investment, but setting a budget before you go shopping is a smart idea. Now you have some idea of exactly what you’re looking for, set a price that you aren’t willing to go over and shop only beneath it.

The Different Materials

There are a few different materials that tub chairs are commonly made from. They all provide a slightly different atmosphere to a room, so choosing the right material can be imperative to the final result. The common materials are:

  • Fabric – An amazingly versatile material, fabric tub chairs come in a selection of plain or patterned fibres that will suit any desire. Including cotton, polyester and chenille, these threads will seamlessly fit into any room of the house.
  • Linen – For a more relaxed environment, linen tub chairs are perfect for nurseries and children’s rooms because they are comfortable and so easy to clean.
  • Faux Leather – A popular choice for an elegant vibe with little maintenance, faux leather (PVC) are a great option for saving money. PVC tub chairs are well-suited for public places such as restaurants, offices and hotels as well as in the home.
  • Real Leather – For a bit of opulence in your home or an upscale business, hand dyed real leather instantly adds an air of quality and wealth to a room. Hard-wearing and comfortable, real leather tub chairs are a highly recommended luxury.

How To Maintain Tub Chairs

Tub chairs are almost always upholstered. Upholstery simply refers to the materials that make up the coverings of the furniture, including the springs, webbing, padding and fabric of the piece, and is commonly used in furniture designed for sitting or supporting the body for long periods of time. Upholstered furniture is optimised for comfort and functionality, and are easy to maintain as long as you do so regularly. The main things you should do to maintain the strength and longevity of your tub chair are:

  • Never Drag It – Unless your tub chair is on wheels, always lift it when moving, never drag. This will stop the legs weakening over time and increase the longevity of your chair overall.
  • Keep It Out of The Sun – Some fabrics are resistant to UV rays, but more often than not you will have to keep your tub chair out of the sun to stop it from fading. If you really want it by a window, you can use a cover, but if it’s the colour or pattern that has drawn you to a particular chair, keep it out of the sun so you can enjoy that design for longer.
  • Keep It Away from Radiators – Radiators will create dust, warp the wood and damage the fabric, so place your tub chair at least a few feet away from them.
  • Dust It Regularly – Dusting your chair at least once a week is recommended to help maintain its condition. Use a feather duster, a soft vacuum cleaner attachment brush or a soft rag to get rid of any loose debris without harming the material.
  • Deep Clean It Annually – Deep cleaning your tub chair properly once or twice a year will work wonders on the upholstery and ensure that it remains in top shape. Never use a hard brush or strong chemicals when cleaning as this will damage the upholstery, and only use specialist cleaning products of the highest quality to lessen the chances of an adverse reaction. Depending on material, the best ways to deep clean your tub chair’s upholstery are:


  • Linen
  • Fabric
  • Faux Leather (PVC)
  • Real Leather
  • Microfibre


How To Clean It

  • Mild soap or detergent and damp cloth – do not rub at stains, only blot.
  • Soapy warm water for regular and deep cleaning
  • Dry shampoo for any fresh stains
  • Soapy water and soft sponge or cloth
  • Specialist products used regularly
  • Warm soapy water and soft cloth

Reupholstering – Should your tub chair get damaged or simply worn down with age, there is the option to have it reupholstered. Reupholstering your chair is the best way to continue to enjoy your favourite fireside seat and is a cheaper option than completely replacing it, though you may be able to do it yourself with the right tools, skills and guidance.

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Our Range of Tub Chairs

At Sloane and Sons, we provide a wide range of tub chairs in a variety of colours, patterns and designs. All of our tub chairs have a wooden frame made with wood sourced from the Forest Stewardship Council, who produce all their products without causing damage to the environment. The FSC aim to help create products that don’t hinder any ecological processes, a goal that we wholeheartedly support. With a 12 month warranty on each product and a customer service team willing to answer any queries even after purchase, our tub chairs guarantee quality and longevity at affordable prices.

You can view our full range of tub chairs and order free fabric samples on our website.

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