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Tub Chairs Swivel

Here at Sloane & Sons we have created an impressive range of Classic Swivel Tub Chairs. Our Swivel Tub Chairs have been designed to suit a vast variety of consumers’ tastes and preferences. Whether you're into a Brown Faux Leather for your study or a retro Lime Faux Leather for your hairdressing waiting room, we have them all.

Each swivel tub chair we've made for you is of the highest spec; with a strong wood frame and a sleek, attractive metal base. They are hard wearing for everyday use and each material throughout our range, including the leather, is of the very best production quality.

Our extravagant colours and designs are widely varied; meeting the variance of consumer desire. The leather range consists of beautiful strong shades such as plum, turquoise, yellow, and the traditional black or white - all accommodating the modern look you require these days to bring your home or workplace up with the times. Within our range we have products that will give your home or office that feel of modern comfort and the appearance of creative ambition.

Sloane and Sons also understands that not every man or woman out there wants to dispose of their old faithful, and you need something just as good to replace it, if not better, and that's why we have designed Swivel Tub Chairs with everybody in mind. Just take a look at our Brown Faux Leather; wouldn't that chair simply look wonderfully regal next to the telephone table in your hallway as you take a call from a loved one. Or the Turquoise Faux - complementing a cloudless blue summer sky as you spend lazy days sitting in the conservatory. In fact, if you take 5 minutes to browse through our products, you'll see we have a chair for any room you wish.