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Red Fabric Tub Chair

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A stunning warm red fabric tub chair from our tub chair collection. A great hard wearing chenille that will bring a room to life with the vibrant nature of this chair.

The cranberry red tub chair is exclusive to us here at Sloane & Sons and is one of our best selling chairs over the last 25 years. With the beautiful lines and contrasting beech feet it is easy to see why!

Simply Red. We don’t mean the band led by Mick Hucknall – we mean this iconic tub chair brought to you by Sloane &Sons. It is so simply red that it can be placed in a room where black, grey, blue, green, white and a variety of others could be the leading colour in the room, with this Cranberry Red tub chair being the signature piece. The block colour of the chair makes it so easy to match with other pieces of furniture or wallcoverings, that should you place the tub chair in one room and later decide to place it in an alternative room, the bonus of the chair will be in its versatility to bring something special to the party no matter where it’s final resting place is. In a sitting room where space is at a premium and a sofa would crowd the room, two tub chairs placed either side of the fire or television would be the perfect solution.

The frame of the tub chair is timber which is encased in foam and further encased in the rich red fabric you see in our images. With a height of 76cm, the chair can be placed either under a window or indeed in front of a window without blocking the daylight and in this position, the chair would be ideally placed for reading or perhaps short term laptop work. With a straight back and gently sloping arms, you will have the essential support you need to help with your posture. Slouching can be a default position for some people and this tub chair will certainly help you in correcting that.

Most organisations look for more contemporary furniture these days for their receptions, waiting rooms, meeting rooms and break out areas and want furniture that is more comfortable than the traditional plastic backed chairs of old. Brand is everything today and Sloane & Sons offer not just the cranberry red tub chair fabric, but a variety of alternative block colours to meet the brand demands of the corporate world.

More Information
Height76 cm
Width79 cm
Depth71 cm
Seat Height43 cm
Internal Seat Width53 cm
Internal Seat Depth50 cm
Internal Seat Back Height45 cm
Weight16 Kg
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