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  1. Riva Orange Angel Chair



    The laid-back shape of this Artemis Orange Angel Accent Chair is a contemporary look that’s full of charm and is sure to leave you feeling heavenly. It’s the perfect statement chair for those drawn to a retro style. Deep and welcoming, this orange angel accent chair is restfully chic. It’s buttoned upholstery detail feels decadent and Scandi-inspired.

    Slender yet strong, its leg frame is beautifully crafted with beech wood. A feature that’ll match almost any living space. This accent chair is so comfy, you’ll have to pray that you’re able to pry yourself away.

  2. Silver Angel Chair



    This beautiful Artemis Silver Accent Chair will offer itself flawlessly to a modern or traditional living space. As the intriguing name suggests, the shape of this chair does bear a resemblance to the wings of an angel. A supported and comforting curved back is accentuated with button embellishes. The angel chair really makes a feature piece with its statement wooden base, creating fun and elegant seating to brighten up any room.

    Scandinavian inspired, the Angel Chair is a delightful and modern seat that is perfect for any room. The deep cushioned seat makes this chair impeccable for relaxing and unwinding. This silver chair can be used as part of a living room arrangement or as an statement piece in a bedroom.

  3. Yellow Faux Leather Tub Chair 45



    It is less than an armchair, it is more than an armchair, it is a tub chair, and that means modern style combined with pure comfort. It is a décor statement; this eye-catching, spontaneous, user-friendly, elegant yet cosy item of furniture has much to communicate.

    The yellow faux leather tub chair is part of the tub chair collection that Sloane and Sons is pleased to offer to a discerning and appreciative public who comprehend the surpassing value of sitting comfortably in style.

  4. Duck Egg Angel Chair



    The Artemis Duck Egg Angel Accent Chair includes a padded high back meaning your quick sit down may last a little longer than you had planned. Slanted legs give this chair the picture-perfect reclining angle. The legs of our angel accent chair range are made from natural beech wood, fitting seamlessly with any interior.

    Whatever colour you choose for your home, make sure you include a statement accent chair for ultimate comfort guaranteed! With curved lines and angled legs this Scandinavian inspired is a luxury twist on sophistication.

  5. Black Leather Tub Chair 45



    In a nutshell, this black leather tub chair is an excellent value and elegant addition to every room. All our tub chairs are carefully designed with an in-house team that boasts of several solid years of experience in the design and manufacture of exclusive furniture.

  6. pimlico brown fabric tub chair 45



    Coffee brown fabric tub chair that is a perfect 'utility player' for in and around the home. Brown tends to be a colour that can blend or contrast a neutral room, thus making it a firm favourite with our customers.

    The beech legs offer a contrast to the darker brown mateiral of this chair but compliment the thick chenille all the same.

Tub Chairs In Plain Material

A tub chair adds dramatic effect to any space by infusing character and style. These sophisticated pieces of furniture feature clean lines and soft angles, evoking a modern yet timeless look to your room. Sloane & Sons has a rich collection of tub chairs in various colours that match virtually any taste. These plain tub chairs are perfect for spaces that already have colour. They provide a practical yet attractive seating solution without competing with your existing décor. In addition to being used in your home, these stunning chairs also add personality and elegance to offices and other business settings.

We supply tub chairs made from high quality materials, including a wide selection of fabrics that can be velvety, textured or flat. Our chairs are available in linen, microfibre and other long-lasting materials. Linen is easy to clean and delivers a relaxed and warm feeling. Chenille offers a soft woven texture and depth, making it a popular option. As light hits the chair, the fabric looks alive since it reflects light differently depending on the angle. Whether you choose real of faux, leather remains a stylish and fashionable choice. Hand-dyed real leather provides a luxurious vibe while faux leather retains a professional look while offering great savings. In addition to being easy to clean, leather is water resistant and durable.

Sloane & Sons chairs are designed and built to last with sturdy wooden frames. Each chair uses eco-friendly wood from sustainable sources, giving you the perfect balance of style and sustainability. They also feature quality foam cushioning for the best possible comfort. Plain tub chairs are also available in an array of vibrant and rich colours, from classic brown tones to inspiring shades of orange and blue. In addition to fantastic prices and products, we also offer free UK delivery on most orders.