Patterned Tub Chairs

Unique Patterned Tub Chairs

The unique design of Sloane & Son’s tub chairs means they can fit into almost any décor scheme. Patterned tub chairs featuring subtle checks, stripes, spots or other well-loved designs can provide a mixture of modern design with classic style. Even houses that are very traditionally decorated could benefit from the addition of one or two of these versatile pieces. Whether the living room needs an extra chair for when guests are around or perhaps the conservatory would look a little more inviting with a couple of bright, patterned tub chairs, there are limitless possibilities for this inexpensive and robust style of seat.

Ideal For Any Design Scheme

Once considered exclusively modern pieces of furniture, the tub chair has experienced something of an evolution over the past few years. Patterned tubchairs can now feature unique motifs and patterns that range from abstract or contemporary designs to traditional checks, tartans and prints. When you choose a patterned tub chair, you can enjoy the rounded, modern design and cosy, relaxed seating position these chairs offer while still maintaining the overall theme of a room. A couple of patterned tub chairs with matching designs could really bring your living space to life

Choose the Perfect Patterned Tub Chair

When deciding on the perfect patterned tub chair for you, it's important to consider what else is in the space you will be using. Patterned accent chairs or the more traditional patterned armchairs can match with the modern, curved design of the tub chair, providing you choose the design and colour carefully. Anything too contemporary will clash with traditional patterns, though there are an extensive range of designs to choose from. If you have a quite a modern apartment or living space, tub chairs will be perfect for you. Rather than choosing one solid colour, selecting a finely printed check, zigzag or other abstract patterns will create a fun, lively and stimulating environment.

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