Modern Tub Chairs

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Stylish Modern Tub Chairs

Sloane & Sons modern tub chairs are favoured by those who enjoy a good mix of style & comfort. This style of seating is often a staple feature around the home, office or function space and has many potential uses. Sporting a unique style when compared to most modern armchairs, modern tub chairs can be used as both occasional seating for spare rooms and as main pieces of furniture. The curved back and wrap around upholstery creates a snug, cosy feeling for the user and allows a relaxed, curved spine posture. This makes them great for relaxing in front of the TV or with a book.

Suitable At Home or in The Office

For smaller flats or apartments with limited space, modern tub chairs are the perfect solution. Comfortable, informal and stylish, they fit into smaller spaces and look great against most modern and or neutral styles of décor. Offices, waiting rooms and conference spaces can also make use of these versatile pieces of furniture. Providing far more comfort than a plastic chair and less restricting than a straight backed modern armchair, this style of seat offers clients, guests or staff the chance to relax and be comfortable while still maintaining the business or professional aesthetic of the surroundings.

The Benefits of Modern Tub Chairs

Manufactured to feel solid and durable, yet also comfortable and yielding enough to be used for long periods of time if needed, our modern tub chairs are upholstered to provide good support and comfort. The raised leg design not only looks great but also means you can use the extra space beneath the seat for storage if you need to. They can also be easily moved around in a room such as a conference space or office, which makes them ideal for start-ups and businesses where hot desking regularly takes place.

As something of a style icon, the modern tub chair is well loved for its space age styling and curved silhouette. Though less formal or business like than the modern accent chair and less traditional than something like a modern wing chair, it is still considered an all-time classic due its consistent popularity.

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