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Faux Leather Tub Chairs

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Stylish Tub Chairs in Faux Leather

The faux leather tub chair is a timeless piece of furniture that has never gone out of fashion. It is simplistic in its design with its curved, voluptuous lines, deep seat cushion and sloping arm rests. This product has been made for optimal comfort and relaxation. It supports the back and upper body while giving lots of elbow room for easy manoeuvrability. This makes it the perfect chair for reading, watching your favourite movie or listening to your favourite radio programme.

It’s also incredibly robust. Made from a strong wooden frame, the chair is sturdy and will not easily topple or move when sitting in it. Seats like these are traditionally low seated and this item keeps with this tradition.

These PVC covered seats have short wooden legs that help to create a centre of balance and added stability. This is one of the many reasons that this type of chair is often used as a desired seat for children and is incorporated in the playroom.

This seating option is made from tough and hard wearing faux leather that will not easily blemish or tarnish. The faux leather is also very easy to clean and can be done so with a damp cloth. Therefore there is no need to worry when you spill that cup of coffee, or when the children spill their drinks.

The faux leather tub tub chair offered by Sloane & Sons is available in a wide range of colours that include the monotone colours of black and white, as well as a multitude of other colours such as red, orange, green and blue, for those who want a splash of colour.

The true beauty of this type of furniture is that it is incredibly versatile and can complement any room in the house. The seat is very much at home in the living room, bedroom, study and conservatory. This is because of its contemporary design that will complement any piece of furniture, modern or old. It can brighten up the bedroom when chosen in a vibrant colour and can be used as a calming influence when placed in the conservatory as a designated reading chair.

This beautiful faux leather tub chair has been exclusively designed by the in house team at Sloane & Sons. Every effort has been made to ensure that this product is as comfortable, stylish and hardwearing as can possibly be. For those who love their classic pieces of furniture but with a modern and up to date feel, then the Sloane & Sons range of seats are a great addition to any home.