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10 Stylish Window Sill Ideas


It’s easy to overlook windowsill decoration ideas when styling your home. But the window sill can provide extra space for you to express yourself or put it to good use. There are so many stylish window sill ideas that you can incorporate into your home for a unique focal point in any room. So whether you want a way to put your spare window sill to a helpful use in your home or want some decoration ideas to spruce up the space, we have a suggestion for you. Here are 10 of our favourite window sill ideas that will fit right into your home décor.

Bring The Outdoors In

The benefits of potted plants in a house are endless, and your window sill could be a host to all these benefits. As well as looking beautiful, house plants can improve the air quality, reduce stress levels, increase productivity and reduce fatigue. So, brighten up the room with some potted plants or a vase of beautiful flowers along the sill. Some of the best house plants you can include in your window sill ideas are:

  • Cacti
  • Chinese money plant
  • Succulents
  • Monstera Adansonii
  • Streptocarpus
  • Venus fly trap

However, if your fingers aren’t all that green, you can still fill your window sill with plants, minus the responsibility of constant watering and ongoing care. For example, there are plenty of artificial plants that you can buy, or you can choose extremely low-maintenance plants, particularly succulents, that it’s nearly impossible to kill.

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Create A Seating Area

woman sitting on a window sill seat

The classic window seat is a dreamy space to sit back and relax, read, or people-watch. And, if you have a large window sill or a beautiful bay window, you can make use of the extra space by creating your very own window seat. Spread out a throw or two, add some waterproof cushions, finish with a few blankets, and you have the perfect place to sit back and relax.

Depending on what you’ll be using your window seat for, you may want to adjust your design. For example, if you are looking for window sill ideas in your dining room, you could transform your window sill into a seating area around the dining table. However you plan on using your new window seat, make sure that it fits seamlessly with the design of the rest of your room, and it will only add to your room.

Fill It With Memories

Many of us have our sentimental items, whether these are photographs of people we love or trinkets passed down through generations. Well, you can put your memories on display on your window sill without risking damage. Whether you treasure beautiful pieces of artwork, ornaments from family members, or trinkets from your holidays, remind yourself of those happy memories every time you walk into the room by including them in your windowsill decoration ideas. Don’t leave all your sentimental belongings in a box in the attic – set them far enough back on the window sill, and they’ll be just fine.

Set Up A Home Office

woman working at a desk set up with window sill ideas

Many of us are starting to work from home, at least some of our working lives. However, if you’re looking for a suitable space to set up a private, professional home office for productivity and concentration, why not use your window sill? If your sill is big enough to hold all your office supplies, from your computer to a filing tray, you can add an ergonomic tub chair and set up a productive home office full of natural light and comfort. Keep your surrounding windowsill decoration and colour themes minimalist to increase concentration, and add a few plants for productivity – the perfect home office!

Spice Up The Kitchen Sill

Most of us could do with a bit more space in the kitchen, and if you’re looking for window sill ideas for everyone’s favourite room in the home, you’ve got more storage space already! For example, if you love spicy foods, you could use your kitchen sill to store your spices on a spice rack. Or, if you use plenty of herbs, you could start a herb garden on your kitchen window sill. Whatever you need extra storage space for in the kitchen, add some storage solutions to your sill or arrange your belongings tastefully for the perfect windowsill decoration ideas.

Choose Storage Solutions

books stored with window sill ideas for storage

No matter what room window sill you’re looking to transform, it’s almost certain that it could use a bit more storage space. Whether you’re looking for window sill ideas for the bathroom or living room, bedroom or kitchen (as we discussed above), you can use that extra space to keep your belongings in order. For example, if you have an overload of books in your bedroom, you could arrange them or line them up on the sill or use the space to store your jewellery and make-up. On the other hand, if you need window sill ideas for your bathroom, you could use them to keep your soap, shampoo, creams and toothbrush.

Of course, you don’t have to use your sill as open storage. Suppose you have the D.I.Y skills or the opportunities to bring in a professional. In that case, you could turn your window sill into a built-in storage solution where you can store all your things away and add some tasteful decorations to the sill.  

Try A Touch of Minimalism

Many of our window sill ideas so far have been of a maximalist design, but an overload of things may not be your style. So, why don’t you go for a minimalist design instead? Minimalism is all about removing non-essential belongings from your life and usually includes a limited colour palette.

To give your windowsill decoration ideas a touch of minimalism, you can start by choosing a neutral or monochromatic colour palette or creating a colour accent. For example, you could keep your window sill and frame a neutral white or cream colour and pop a beautiful blue or green vase on the sill for decoration. Then, you can choose your décor pieces – go for a few stylish trinkets or framed photographs and space them nicely along the sill. Think ease, elegance and luxury, and then you’ll have a minimalist window sill!

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Start A Window Sill Garden

window box growing climbing plant

The window sill is the perfect spot to set up an indoor garden. We’ve already talked about the benefits of having plants in the house, and starting an indoor garden will bring you just as many benefits. So, if you don’t have much garden space of your own, put that window sill to good use by creating one!

You could start a herb garden, try your hand at hydroponics, or make your own dry or moss water terrarium – anything you can grow outdoors, you can grow on your windowsill! A popular choice for those looking for window sill ideas is to invest in window boxes. You can grow almost anything in window boxes in pretty much the same way as you would in an outdoor garden, so you can bring your outdoor favourites indoors.

Create A Travel Shrine

If you’re a globetrotter with a love of travelling, put your hobby on show on your window sill. You can display belongings you purchased while on your travels or pieces that evoke memories of one of your trips. Since these are often small trinkets, window sill ideas based on this design can easily become cluttered. So, offset the jumble with some larger framed photos from your holidays. This will create a focal point that you can tastefully arrange the rest of your holiday memorabilia around. Or you could add a charming vintage-style globe and a few of your favourite travel magazines, so you can plan your next holiday if reminiscing entices you to get back on your travels.

Put Together A Mini Artists Studio

People-watching is a favourite pastime of many of us when sat by a window, and you could put this interest to good use by putting together a mini artists studio on your window sill. Set up a small easel, include a freestanding or built-in storage solution to keep your paints and brushes close by and scatter some cushions on the sill or add a comfortable chair in front of it, so you have the perfect place to sit while you create. Whether you want to paint the landscape or the interesting people that walk through it, a window sill art studio will certainly bring you plenty of inspiration.

What Are Your Favourite Window Sill Ideas?

Putting your window sill to good use is a great way to increase the beauty and usability of your home. However you  use your window sill, you’ll be thankful for the results once you put the work into designing and putting together the space. So, put some of our window sill ideas to good use, and improve your home in no time!

What are your favourite window sill ideas? Let us know how you’ve styled your window sills in the comments!

Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.


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