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5 Unique Vintage Décor Ideas for Your Bedroom


Vintage décor has long been a popular choice but how can you successfully introduce this style successful into your bedroom? We take a look!

Achieving Vintage Decor

We assume that vintage interior design means just using old stuff, but this isn’t the case. The vintage style takes us to an era where life was simpler and sweeter. Or history would have us believe it was.

Essentially, it is from a time past and so in a way, you could choose an era on which to base your vintage style. Bring it alive in your bedroom to create a relaxing, lovely space that is stylish and calming.

The style falls back onto the mixing and matching patterns, styles and pieces. It is an opportunity to play around and have some fun, whilst sticking with the key elements of the styles of the era that you have chosen.

So when it comes to the bedroom, what do you need to do to achieve a stunning result?

Pastel shades

For effortless and elegant vintage chic along with a calm and replacing feel, opt for a pastel vintage scheme in the bedroom.

Some vintage schemes can feel heavy and oppressive, especially as during some eras the penchant was for darker colours on the wall.

The pastel scheme should run throughout the room. From the choice of wallpaper to a softer shade of cream on the woodwork, to the colour of the bedding and other soft furnishings.

It may be a mix and match kind of style, but retain a sense of cohesion rather than a chaotic look by sticking with the same colour and using it in various shades of lightness.

Refrain for adding darker shades and colours and they could jar but if you feel it needs a lift, adding darker coloured vintage wingback chairs for a stand-out effect.

The lights have it

If there is one item of ornamentation that can tip your vintage bedroom into the realms of something special, it is the central light.

You could always hint at a modern vintage style with a super-modern fitting or you could go all out and opt for luxury and glamour with a chandelier centrepiece.

There are, as you would expect, some very expensive genuine vintage pieces to be ha. But if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, you can always opt for a modern replica. There are stunning examples in lighting retailers across the country as well as online.

Mustard yellow and earthy green

If you find pastels overly feminine and tipping into the French style, then you may want the moodiness of dark earthy green and the golden rays of mustard yellow.

This living room could easily be recreated in the bedroom and brings several key components of the vintage style to a room;

  • Window dressings need to be as opulent as you possibly can. Try a roller blind sitting well alongside layers of drapes.
  • Mixing the patterns work well with both following a similar theme and colour scheme too.
  • Key furniture components like the statuesque dresses and the glass dome over the artificial flowers are perfect in the living room. Opt for a large ornate bedframe in the bedroom.

Vintage accessories

And so with two choices of colour schemes – pastel or yellow and green – along with a chandelier or a vintage style pendant light, you can now move on to accessories.

Similar to the glass bell jar in the above living room, choose accessories that are mirrors of the decade you have chosen to emulate.

For example, gilt-framed or brass framed pictures and mirrors would suit the Victorian or Georgian era vintage well. Choose a pattern and a finish that pulls your vintage bedroom together.

Think beyond florals

We assume that from eras past, the only pattern our ancestors had to work with was florals, either ditzy prints or large, gregarious blooms.

But this wasn’t the case. Geometric patterns were sparse, granted, up until the 20th century but the fleur-de-lis pattern was a welcome alternative in an interior design scheme that was considered edgy and somewhat masculine.

A common pattern in use today, the fleur-de-lis can be seen on many items. If you do go floral, why not take a look at William Morris designs?

Vintage is about choosing a style that fits with an era and one that sits across the majority of the room. But like all interior design styles, it is the personal touches that give it character.


Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.