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Victorian Design Ideas


Victorian is one interior design style that is not going out of fashion any time soon. Tracing back to the 1800s, this era brought us beautifully designed houses with character and charm that we like to use in our own house design. In fact, many people take ideas from the Victorian era when decorating their home. Retro is hugely on trend and this era’s period features are particularly high in the interior design stakes. If you’re new to the main characteristics of this era, here are some Victorian design ideas that will look fabulous in your own property.

Opt for stylish Victorian furnishings

If you want to add some of the trademark features which ooze Victorian qualities, you can’t go wrong by starting with the furniture. One of the most popular key features from this era is the chaise-longs and carved wooden furniture. Also, grand armchairs often make an appearance when it comes to Victorian style. You could go for something like a Wingback chair. With one of these grand armchairs, you can add a touch of history and charm to your room. It will become a focal point and as these chairs are traced all the way back to the 1600s, it will fulfil your need for retro. There are many different colours and styles which will look good in your living area. A large coffee table which you can cover with a lace tablecloth will also help you to get that Victorian style. Place it next to the sofa to become a great entertaining piece while adding some old-fashioned style to your room.

Go for velvet

To create a Victorian look in your home, you need to choose wisely when it comes to materials. After all, there are certain materials which were used back during the Victorian era. One that you can use in your home now to create a retro look is velvet. This material was popular to craft an expensive yet cosy look in the home. Therefore, look at ways to add the material such as opting for a velvet headboard. And you can add a velvet throw over and cushions on your bed. Not only will they feel cosy, but they are a true part of the Victorian era. As explained in this article from House & Garden, velvet curtains are also a great way to create a modern, yet old-school look in your home. Therefore, add these to your rooms to create a vintage feel in your property. You could also choose to add something simpler, like a velvet accent chair.

Add soft, feminine colours

You can also give your home a Victorian feel if you go for colours which were popular during this period. In particular, you need to go for soft and feminine colours when decorating your home. They loved soft, dusty colours which add colour without being too in your face. For instance, vintage style uses pale pink, lavender and greys rather than bright colours. For instance, you could get a pink chair and sage accessories to make sure your room is bold yet understated. You can also use darker colours such as burgundy and Forrest green which were common colours back in the Victorian era.

Choose marble flooring

Another material you should definitely go for in your home to give it a luxury feel is marble. It was a popular option during the Victorian era to make their home feel grand and expensive. And it’s still a favoured option now as it’s beautiful and will add charm. You could lay your kitchen floor with marble flooring to help it have a Victorian feel. Or as you can see in this article from houzz, you will make a statement with marble flooring in your entrance hall. It will give your guests a great impression of your home as soon as they enter your property.

Do go for a grand fireplace

A Victorian fireplace was a must back in that era. For one, it would have been one of the main sources of heating back in those days. But it also was a fashion statement. Therefore, you should look at adding one in your home. The most common fireplaces to give you that Victorian feel is cast iron frames. These will give your home a vintage feel. Opt for a fireplace with floral patterns which was one of the top interior design trends. They used florals with all their design to give their homes an elegant feel. And having a cosy fireplace in your home will help when you want to relax in the evening after a long day at work.

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