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Top 7 velvet interior design trends


We love our Fransen velvet accent chairs. The texture is so deliciously luxurious, and you can almost imagine yourself at 17th-century royalty taking tea in the palace. Creating a scheme for your home around such a statement piece might not be easy. Here we present some crushed velvet living room ideas, as well as some velvet bedroom ideas. We know you will just love the feel of decadence and pampering it will provide to your home.

Velvet… really?

You may think that velvet was so last century. It is the sort of texture and looks you would expect to see in your Gran’s house – right? Well, it might surprise you to know that there is something of a velvet trend emerging. If this is not enough reason to encourage you to go velvet, let us give you some other justification for this bold choice.

First and foremost, velvet has always been the choice of royalty and the rich. From the time it was introduced in 809 AD by Kashmiri merchants, it has been considered the go-to texture for those who have money to spend.  The reason why only the rich would buy it initially is that it was made from a drawing together of cotton and silk. This combination is the reason for the lush and tactile feel. However, this also made it prohibitively expensive – and therefore, exclusive. New synthetic blends mean it is now affordable for more ordinary folk to have in the home.

However, ultimately you should choose velvet because it can provide textual contrast to an interior design scheme. As with colour, where you create a palette of contrasts, with silk, you can create textural contrast too. Imagine a smooth wooden floor contrasted with the softness of our velvet chairs – and you will see why it is so useful to interior designers.

Use it to accessorise

If all you want is a way to provide a quick update to your home décor, then accessorising with velvet could be just the thing. In your living room, you could simply add some cushions to your sofa to add a hint of luxury and texture and your space is enlivened. Some lovely pompom tasselled velvet cushions could add that extra detail too. If you choose teal for your tasselled, velvet cushion, you will start to hint at that Art Deco look you might aspire toward.

Velvet throws are another way to add some much-needed texture to a room – and comfort. If you are looking for velvet bedroom ideas, then you can do no better than a plush, velvet bedspread. There is a reason a young child will cling to a soft blanket – it is so comforting and relaxing. Why wouldn’t you want this in your bedroom?

You do not have to go over the top with velvet for it to have the desired impact. Introducing something as subtle as a lampshade can add the layers of texture you might be looking for in your interior design. Sometimes less is more when you are looking to create moments of interest in your home.

Or use it as your statement piece.

Although you would not deck out a room from floor to ceiling in velvet, you might want to do more than just accessorise. Your love of the mooted tones and soft edges of velvet might lead you to want to make something more of a statement. There are some delicious armchairs you can introduce to your living room. You might have an odd corner by a window, which would look lovely with a velvet chair and a small table – a place where you can go to read, maybe. The feel of the velvet would be so comforting in this setting.

Alternatively, you might want to add some luxury to your dining room – and velvet-covered chairs could be that moment of indulgence that brings a design to life. You may love this velvet-covered dining chairs so much that you would redesign the whole space to help make them fit in your home.

If you are happy to make a statement and be bold about it, then you should go for a velvet sofa in amongst an interior scheme made of natural and mooted colours and materials. The elegance of the velvet sofa contrasted with the more

Edward Sloane

Edward is the managing director of Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs. He is an expert in quality, comfortable upholstered chairs.


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