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  • How to Achieve Timeless Interior Design Trends

    Trends are all well and good but what do you do when the trend becomes ‘so last year’? Redecorating all the time is impossible both in terms of budget and time. The answer lays in carefully choosing what trends you go with, making sure that they are timeless and classic.
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  • How DIY Upholstery Can Make Your Home More ‘You’

    colourful upholstery fabric swatches  

    It's all good splashing out on a chair that really suits your style, but it’s hard work to find something truly perfect. Create your vision by doing it yourself!

    We’ve all been there – we have the perfect vision of how we want a room to look and although we search high and low, we never quite find what we are looking for. And so, we ‘make do’, plumping for upholstered chairs and sofas that only meet partly meet our interior design vision.

    But, it is possible to have the colour, the shade and the pattern you really want with do it yourself upholstery.

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  • 5 Ways to Make a Kitchen-Diner a Real Entertaining Space

    Cooking, eating, entertaining - it’s all done in one room nowadays, but how can you make your kitchen-diner really perfect for parties and dinners? We show you how.

    Transforming Your Kitchen-Diner

    Celebrity baker Mary Berry may have championed the kitchen diner but many of us lamented the passing of the formal dining room. Kept pristine for ‘special occasions’, the busy family home can no longer afford the luxury of a room shut away until the next dinner party or family gathering. Thus, the ever-practical kitchen-diner is a common and loved feature in many homes.

    But, when the need arises, how can you ‘dress it up’ so that it transforms into a beautiful entertaining space?

    1. Table settings

    Think of the table as the shoe of the outfit. You wouldn’t wear a sparkling, off the shoulder dress or tux and black tie to a formal dinner party with comfy slippers on your feet – no matter how much you want to!

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  • Turn a Bare Bedroom into a Homely Haven with These Tips

    We spend half our lives in the bedroom – whether it’s sleeping, reading, or getting ready for the day ahead or a night out. Why leave it looking utilitarian? Make it a real place to be with a few tips and tricks.

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  • Keep Up with the Interior Design Trends This Season

    As seasons change, so do fashions. Make sure you keep up-to-date with what’s popular. Here’s what’s going to look stylish in your home this season.

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