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The Best Bedroom Layout Ideas


Arranging bedroom furniture can be more of a nightmare than you could ever have predicted. Some bedrooms are small, some are angled, some have tricky alcoves, and some are incredibly awkwardly shaped. Whatever kind of bedroom you’re working with, there are several things you can do to make the most of the available space. Here are some of the best bedroom layout ideas to help you whip those difficult rooms into shape. 

Creating The Best Bedroom Layout: Where To Start?

the best bedroom layout for an open plan room

If you want to create the best bedroom layout so you can get the most out of the room while still having plenty of mobility space, you’ll need to start by making a plan. First, it would help you greatly if you measured your room. This way, you have a clearer understanding of the span of the space and how the essential bedroom furniture will fit in.

Also, you should consider the location of doors and windows in the room – you don’t want to block these by overloading the space with furniture! Then, think about the most common bedroom furniture items besides a bed, such as a bedside table, wardrobe and desk, and assess if these are essential to you and able to fit in your room.

While on the subject of furniture, think about how you will most likely be using the bedroom. Bringing in furniture that you won’t use regularly will only clutter the area, which can be detrimental, especially to a smaller room. For example, although having a writing desk may sound fantastic, it will only take up space if you don’t use it often. So, consider how you will use each piece of furniture and its importance.

Finally, once you’ve determined the furniture you will need and are considering the best bedroom layout for your room, prioritise open floor space, particularly around the doorway. You don’t want to walk into a room that is immediately cramped, cluttered and messy. Ensure that you can open the door without knocking into bulky pieces of furniture and that there is immediate space to enter the room without hassle[i].

Choosing The Best Bedroom Layout

With a better understanding of your room and a plan starting to form, it’s time to consider the best bedroom layout. No matter if you’re working with an awkward shape, there’s the perfect furniture arrangement for you! Here are some of our best bedroom layout ideas for various room types.

Rectangular Bedroom Layout Ideas

Fortunately, bedroom layout ideas for rectangular rooms are easier to plan out than, say, angled bedroom arrangements. Firstly, if you share the bedroom, a double bed placed in the centre of the longest wall is a good option since the bed won’t take up unnecessary space, and there will be plenty of room on both sides. However, if you have a single bed, you can push this up against a wall to give you more space.

For a double room, add side tables on both sides of the bed and a dresser or TV stand at its foot. If you’d like a desk or a plush wingback chair to relax in, you can add these to a corner of the room.

For a single bed, make use of the extra space by adding a large side table and extra dresser, wardrobe or desk without cluttering the main walkway of the room. For a space-saving seating option, couple your desk with a cosy angel chair. These are the classic bedroom layouts, and for a good reason – they work so well!

Small Bedroom Layout Ideas

the best bedroom layout for a small room

A small bedroom can be tricky, but you can make a masterpiece with some space-saving solutions! The essential thing in a small bedroom is to keep it simple. First, add only the crucial pieces of furniture, and leave enough open floor space to stop the room from feeling cramped. Then, install some shelving units or built-in storage, such as under bed storage or a combination wardrobe.

Additionally, try and keep the bed from blocking any windows. Ideally, the bed should be in the centre of a wall. Finally, natural light will open up the room, so consider adding a hanging or freestanding mirror[ii].   

L Shaped Bedroom Ideas

the best bedroom layout for an L shaped room

Small L shaped bedroom ideas might seem like a nightmare to plan, but they allow you to zone areas of the room without completely breaking up the theme. So, section off different areas of the room for different uses. For example, you could have your bed for sleeping, a desk for working, and a dresser for getting ready, each in its own zone. Keep the room looking put together with a cohesive design throughout, and consider laying down rugs to further ‘zone’ the spaces without closing them in.

Alcove Bedroom Layout Ideas

the best bedroom layout for an alcove room

Plenty of alcove bedroom ideas can put those awkward spaces to good use. First, alcoves are the perfect place to add extra storage! Floor to ceiling bookcases and drawers fit perfectly into bedroom nooks, or you can make the extra space useful by adding a dressing table. For a smaller bedroom, an alcove is also the perfect place to hang a mirror, helping to brighten up the room and make it look bigger.

Angled Bedroom Layout Ideas

the best bedroom layout for an angled room

Angled bedrooms are often a homeowner’s nightmare. Fortunately, though, you can soften those harsh angles with the addition of a rounded piece of furniture. Whether this is a spherical tub chair or a circular lamp, something round will offset the sharp angles. If it’s a particularly tight corner, keep it free of clutter and try a slim floor lamp to lighten up the corner.

Choosing What’s Best For Your Room

It doesn’t matter if you’re working on your own bedroom or a spare room; choosing the best bedroom layout can be challenging! We’d recommend keeping symmetry in mind throughout your design and ensuring that each section of your bedroom is readily available. This way, no matter which bedroom layout you choose, you can be sure you’re getting the best of your bedroom.

Do you have any tips for choosing the best bedroom layout? Let us know.



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