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Styling a yellow bedroom – our top tips


If you want to spend your day in a springtime haven, then there can be no better colour than yellow. For a bedroom, it will be like waking in a ray of sunshine and a way to begin your day in hope and happiness. We think this would be the perfect scheme for our mustard armchairs, added accents and shade to your bright room. Here we offer many more yellow bedroom ideas.

To commit or not to commit.

When you are thinking of choosing yellow for your bedroom scheme, you could be tempted to go the whole hog. You will feel like you have entered a golden palace each morning. Such a plan can certainly turn a gloomy space into one that is welcome and warming. If you use wooden floors and natural materials for your furniture, it can be stylish and subtle. There are so many shades from ochre to mustard, which can help in creating a layered effect.

However, you may not wish to commit to this going for gold scheme, even though it is having a resurgence with Gen-Z. Instead, you can use yellow as an accent colour, contrasting with darker shades to offer some light and dark to a room. Alternatively, you could team the yellow with some pink-beige tones to create a modern rural look in your bedroom.

Before you go any further, you need to decide whether to commit or not to commit to yellow bedroom ideas.

Aim for balance

Some yellows have a colder hue, with hints of green and browns. Other shades are much warmer, with hints of oranges and reds. If you take a golden yellow and use this on a feature wall, you can balance this warmth with the colder and more neutral oatmeal of the other three walls.

Equally, if you choose a bright bedspread, then you could use pale woods for the bed and bedside tables.

The aim is to add balance and depth with your placement of yellow. You can then add a moment of freshness by including an aqua blue statement piece.

Use yellow sparingly

Yellow is, no doubt, an upbeat colour. With the right use of yellow in a room, you can wake up mellow and enjoy an evening with a relaxing golden glow. However, too much yellow can suck the colour out of your cheeks – so if you share your bedroom or if you use it to get ready – you might want to look for a more subtle and sparing use of yellow.

Yellow is a statement colour. A little will go a long way. Consequently, there is no need to splash it around the whole of a room. Some of the best yellow bedroom ideas use yellow as a border or as a feature piece. With the right placement of yellow in a more neutral room and you will feel like you have your desired coloured scheme.

If you are choosing yellow because you want to be daring, then take an item in the room that would typically blend into the background and splash on the yellow paint. Imagine a bright, golden yellow fire surround on one of your bedroom walls, for instance.

If all this sounds too dull for words, ignore all this advice, and go the full Mediterranean. Let yellow be your subtle colour and blast the room in oranges. You may never sleep, but you will have a stylish place to stare at through the early hours of the morning!

Use patterns cleverly

Whether you choose mustard bedroom ideas, for a more refined look – or sunshine yellow for a bit of pizazz, you do not want a massive block of colour. Consequently, you should look to use floral patterns to add texture. If you do choose flowered wallpaper, you might want to opt for the matt finish. A gloss or metallic finish on a yellow wallpaper can be too much.

Contrast with grey

Grey, like yellow, has enjoyed something of a resurgence of popularity in recent times. However, where yellow can overwhelm and room, grey can wash out all the light. Here lies your opportunity. Grey and yellow together will act as the perfect foil for the other. Your yellow statement pieces will lose the garish glow, and the grey will look positively warm. Together, grey and yellow create a wonderfully calming space that will glow in the morning and become more relaxed in the evening.

Another lovely contrast is primrose yellow with spearmint. This is a more childlike scheme or can be quite soft and feminine. However, together the two colours do give the impression of being captured in nature.

Edward Sloane

Edward is the managing director of Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs. He is an expert in quality, comfortable upholstered chairs.


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