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Styling a white bedroom – the basics


An all-white bedroom is the height of elegance.  It can also create a soothing space, making it easy to relax and sleep.  White is also the perfect choice for small bedrooms or dark rooms.  As white has no pigment, it reflects light into the room.  This helps to illuminate the space – giving a wonderful sense of size.

However, there is a balance to be struck, as a white design can also be perceived as sterile and lacking a sense of your personality.

Adding a splash of colour

One way to add some character is with a splash of colour.  You could offset the white with an angel chair.  This chair adds to the sense of elegance while offering a subtle impact piece.  If you wanted to maintain the softer look, you could use greys to lend some delicate shades, while retaining the desirable monochrome appearance.  Alternatively, if you’re going to avoid the starkness of monochrome, you could aim to include hits of yellow and green, which are considerably more discreet colours.

Remember texture

A room is three-dimensional.  Although colour and shade are essential for bringing life to space – so is texture.  If you add some throws and large cushions, using wools with a thick knit – add in some luscious deep rugs, as your white space will feel comfortable as well as stylish.  You obviously are looking for the stripped-back Scandinavian look – but adding a touch of minimal Boho will offer some soothing balance.  If you are looking to create a classic style, using a mirror or some lamps could be the perfect way to add some character and interest. You are merely looking to add layers of interest.

The pattern also adds depth to an all-white room.  Paisley design in white offset with some delicate grey could offer some interest in your white bedroom.  Using wallpaper on one feature wall could be enough to allow you to leave all the other rooms a bright white. However, if you want to maintain this as a white bedroom look, the wallpaper cannot overpower.  The design should be subtle and include a predominance of white too.

Different white tones

White is probably the only “colour” you can choose that can be uniform across the walls, paintwork and furnishing.  Using the same shade of the ceiling, skirting boards, beams or wood panelling, as well as the floor, can offer a blank canvas that can inspire your imagination with pieces of art or other accessories.

However, if this sounds too much of a good thing, there are subtle shades of white that will allow you to keep the canvas while offering some depth to space.  There are some off-white shades, which you might see as grey but are closer to white.  Where brilliant white walls can make a room bright and startling, the off-white wall will be much more soothing.  Off-white works brilliantly with – dull red and blue accents. Alternatively, you can break up the uniformity by leaving exposed brick unpainted.  White with brick is the perfect rustic look.

Going coastal or continental

White is often the base colour chosen when someone is looking at creating a coastal theme to a room.  To finish off this look, you then need to accessorise with different shades of pastel blue.  Top off the look with a seascape piece of art, and you have a perfect look.

White is perfect with natural materials – and adding some white-washed wood to your coastal bedroom offers some of that ideal texture that is so useful.

Alternatively, the character can be added to your room by sourcing French furniture.  White is the perfect backdrop to a class French-style bedroom – with the flourish of bedstead designs and elaborate bedside tables.  One thing about this continental look can be assured – it will remain timeless.

Everything you should know

First, white is an excellent choice for bedrooms – especially bedrooms in the loft – that struggle to get any light.  Second, it is a neutral colour and does not stimulate the brain, which means it’s not too difficult to sleep.  It is easy to accessorise white with muted tones that add interest without being too startling.

However, if you choose a white bedroom, then you need to be conscious of the tendency for such a colour scheme to appear sterile.  You need to work with hints of other colours – either by using dull, darker shades or unassuming colours like green and grey.  However, if you don’t want to infringe on your perfect Scandi look, then texture is your friend and will add the requisite homeliness.

Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.


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