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6 Essential Spring Projects for Your Home

Spring is still here, and there is so much you could be doing to make sure your home is ready for the summer. Take a look at these six spring projects for your home.

#1 De-clutter & bespoke storage

Winter is a time when we tend to do the minimum, spending dark winter evenings snuggled in the warm sanctuary of home. The nights drawing in quickly seems to shorten our active hours in a day too and it is with relief that we welcome the lighter evenings of spring.

And so, with longer days and more energy to complete tasks the first spring project on our list is to de-clutter BUT with an important caveat: finish the project with bespoke storage solutions.

All too often we de-clutter but fail to change or add storage solutions that really work. From upgrading wardrobes to designing and building under the stairs storage, consider storage across your entire home. And if it is lacking, now is the time to do something about it!

#2 Spring clean

How come over winter, cleaning the home seems such a chore and yet, with the light and warmth of spring, we clean anything that moves?!

Spring brings with it vim and vigour, exactly what you need for dusting away the cobwebs of winter and welcoming in the summer sun.

With warmer temperatures too, it is easier to get things not only clean but dry. Hire a professional carpet cleaner for your carpets and rugs and hire a professional window cleaner to do your windows, frames, doors and guttering.

Spring is also the time to have maintenance tasks done too, from fixing wonky gutters to painting the front door.

#3 Decorate

Another common but essential spring maintenance task is to set about decorating your pad.

Some people use spring as the perfect excuse – if you need one! – to decorate the house from top to bottom, whereas some of us complete smaller decoration projects.

Again, with lighter evening stretching out in front of you, it takes less than an hour to emulsion a small room and maybe a day or two to completely re-decorate a room, from glossing the doors and skirting boards to painting the ceiling and hanging wallpaper.

2018 decorating trends including using a colour scheme known as ice cream colours. A twist on pastels with a slightly darker shade, the peachy pink and golden but not overly bright yellow teamed with a delicate but not too baby boy blue is simply stunning.

#4 Update the furniture

Decorating is one thing, but its final effect can be compromised if your soft furnishings are quite up to scratch.

Thankfully, there are many upholstery DIY projects you can do.

  • Update blinds and curtains – window dressings don’t have to be as heavy in the spring and summer, thus take down your ‘winter curtains’ and have them dry cleaned or service washed.
  • Scatter cushions – ideal for adding zaps of colour to a room, a new combination of cushions for the sofa and armchairs lift a room from winter to spring.
  • Upholstery projects - upholstering furniture, especially if you are re-covering furniture isn’t as tough as you think it is. Along with plenty of fabric, you’ll need a decent staple gun and some decorative tacks if that is the look you are going for. If you think the project is too big, find a local professional upholstery service.
  • Update the look – this doesn’t mean buying a whole new dining table or a brand-new sofa. Buying key accent items, such as an accent in the shape of a bucket chair adds a touch of something different that is stylish and practical.

#5 Larger projects

The months of spring and summer are ideal for taking on larger projects including;

  • Designing and installing a new kitchen
  • Replacing the bathroom
  • Drawing extension plans
  • Converting the loft
  • Updating insulation will save you money come the winter too!

#6 Garden projects

The garden is fast becoming another room for many homes in the UK. With fair weather comes your chance to make this a reality, even if your budget is tight.

Build a decked area or lay a patio at the rear of your property so that as you step out of your home, you step onto a ‘bridged’ area that connects the interior with the exterior.

If your budget allows, replace the patio doors with bigger, bi-folding doors that effectively open up the interior of your home to the garden.

Use outdoor rugs and other outdoor furnishings to give the garden a feeling of being a room.


What spring projects do you have planned? Let us know!