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Space-Saving Storage Hacks for Any Room


A combination of storage, de-cluttering and the right furniture can help you in your home and have more room to move. Our helpful space-saving design hacks can help you on your way to a clutter-free house.

How to Live Clutter-Free

Clutter – who knows where it comes from?! One minute, your home is ordered and pristine, the next, it looks like a high street shop with a sale on.

And somewhere lurking in all that stuff, are important things that you need to lay your hands on but, when you need it most, you can’t find it.

The good news is clutter affects anyone of any age, no matter how big or small their house is. And no, clutter does not make you a hoarder. What compounds clutter and its chaotic effects on your home and you are poor or inaccessible storage solutions.

Whether you live in a modern new-built pad or a Georgian mansion, if the storage solutions are not up to rigours of modern living, clutter gathers. And it gathers in all kinds of nooks and crannies.

In the kitchen

Dream of clear worktops? Aside from spending thousands on a new kitchen, you need to be uber-confident that your kitchen cupboards and drawers are working hard, offering you the storage you need.

Cooks and bakers will collect more utensils and ingredients that someone who enjoys a nightly microwave meal and so, you need to;

  • Shop around for storage solutions that solve your biggest storage problem
  • Add to what you have with clever extra space and wire shelving in cupboards
  • Keep pots, pans, crockery and so on streamlined so that you don’t accrue more than you need
  • As soon as you see items collecting on the worktop, spend 30 minutes finding it a permanent home or recycle it

In the bathroom

The smallest room in the house but also one of the busiest. Like the kitchen, you need to be organised, but it is amazing just how quickly clutter can accumulate in the bathroom;

  • Streamline products by not over-buying products– you need one-spare toothpaste in the cupboard, not three…
  • Towels and other linens are best stored in another room, so keep one or two spare towels in the bathroom and no more
  • Use plastic boxes or baskets in the bathroom cabinet to keep essential items neat and tidy

The living and dining room

The living and dining rooms are social areas and that means everyone uses them, from family members to guests. Keeping them tidy is simpler when you have these space-saving and storage hacks;

  • Choose furniture that has more than one function – for example, a low-level blanket chest makes a great coffee table with integrated storage or opt for a coffee table with drawers (perfect for hiding clutter when unexpected guests arrive!)
  • Varying heights of furniture adds interest to a room but furniture with less height makes a room look and feel bigger. For example, consider tub chairs over high-backed armchairs or a Chesterfield type sofa over some of the larger sofas we see in the pages of glossy magazines
  • Use storage solutions that match the items you have to store – a magazine rack is great for Sunday papers and, well, all those magazines you enjoy reading! Clutter is only clutter when it is chaotic and disorganised

In the bedroom

The bedroom should be a peaceful haven of tranquillity but with things without a permanent home cluttering the eye line it can be difficult to enjoy the space.

  • Built-in or walk-in wardrobes are ideal if your budget will stretch to it, if not, like the kitchen, you will need to find storage solutions that add more versatility to the wardrobe space you have
  • The most under-used storage tool are hooks – from ties to hats to ‘bits and bobs’ an array of hooks at different height can give some clutter a semi-permanent home (and it gets stuff off the floor or stops stuff being strewn all over the bedroom chair)
  • Invest in a blanket chest, perfect for so everything from spare linen to towels to storing winter clothes
  • Vacuum bags are also great for storing out of season clothes when you streamline your wardrobe

There comes a time when de-cluttering and recycling stuff you don’t need or want is only part of the solution. When you have completed several runs to the recycling centre, you need to have plenty of storage solutions for the stuff you are keeping. And sometimes, the smallest and the simplest storage hacks are the best.


Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.

Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.