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How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger – Top 10 Tips


make a small room look bigger

With most homes being built 1/3 smaller than they were 15 years ago, space is at a premium. If you’re struggling with a small room we have ways of overcoming the challenges. These 10 tips are foolproof to help you achieve the illusion of a bigger living space.

Use Stripes on the Walls or Floor to Elongate the Space

Striped wallpaper or rugs can make your space feel longer or taller, depending on which way the pattern is. Directing the stripes along the longest length of the room has optimal effect. This trick really works!

Wallpaper or Paint to the Ceiling, Making the Room Look Taller

Say goodbye to coving and cornice! By applying wallpaper or paint directly up to your ceiling draws the eye upwards, making the room feel taller and wider. We recommend wallpaper if you’re cutting in skills aren’t top notch!

Fill the Space with Big Furniture to Fill the Room

The look of clutter can hinder your efforts to make your small space bigger. By decreasing the amount of furniture pieces and accessories results in a bigger feeling room. Try using big statement pieces of furniture.

Transparent Furniture or Mirrors

Perfectly on trend (although mind the finger prints!) and great functionality. A transparent piece of furniture does not take up visual space, tricking the eye. Glass mirrors also play a huge role in making a living space bigger. Add statement mirrors to reflect light around the room, especially if natural lighting is an issue. Try placing the mirror across from a window.

Raised Leg Furniture

A big NO NO is boxed or furniture without legs. Chairs with exposed legs reveal more floor space. Again a less cluttered. So instead of a sofa that sits directly on the floor, try a wingback or tub chair.

Avoid Low Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights can have harsh lighting which directs light into one spot. Instead, utry using a few smaller table or floor lamps to spread the light around your living space. This helps draw the eye around the room rather than into one spot. Low ceiling lights are a big factor in making a small look small, so open everything up!

Add Some Drama!

Yes! Invest in big pieces of artwork or frames, to fill a wall of your choosing. This adds perspective of your room, helping make the room seem bigger in the process. Remember, large and bold!

Use Different Shades of One Colour

A colour scheme makes or breaks a small room. Contrast white walls with a darker shade of furniture to create an airy feel, and let the white open up the space. Using different shades of one colour on the walls, rugs and furniture creates the depth you need. If you’re not in a position to be splurging on new furniture, add some throw pillows or accessories in the same shade to achieve the same outcome.

Exposed Windows

If you’re one with nature and don’t mind sleeping without a blind, not dressing your window(s) gives you more light. Achieving a brighter room is crucial! If you’re worried about privacy (especially if you get dressed near a window) a simple roller blind looks less crowded than a pair of curtains, just make sure to roll it all the way up to let the light in!

Above all, Keep it Simple

Small spaces are all about the open. The more accessories and furniture, the more cluttered the space feels. We recommend avoiding over crowding the room and be strict with yourself about what is going into the room, as well as the decor. Group artwork, throws or knickknaks to free up the space and deter away from busy patterns and dark colours.

Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.