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The Best Office Furniture For Small Spaces


Small home office ideas are hard to come up with. After all, if you haven’t got a lot of space but have a lot of equipment you need to fit in, it’s easy to panic. But, with 84% of workers planning on working from home more often in the future[i], that home office is something you simply must sort. So, whether you’re lucky enough to have a whole room to create a dedicated office or you’re merely working with a small area of an existing room, there are definitely some practical small home office ideas that you can put to use. In addition, we have some of the best furniture ideas for your small office to make the most of the room, plus some tips on how to maximise the space for a productive day’s work!

Efficient Office Chairs


We’d argue that nothing is as essential in a home office as your office chair. After all, you’re going to spend a good part of 8 hours in it, so prioritising comfort is vital.

To find the most efficient office chair, you’ll want to look for a slender shape with plenty of support – you don’t want to be hunched over your desk all day. One of the best small home office ideas is to choose a trendy, bright chair to brighten up your office space and reduce the effects of a cramped room[ii].

Of course, you’ll also want to consider space-saving options in a small home office. A compact tub chair is the perfect stylish option for a small space. A fashionable, vintage-style tub chair is ergonomic and up to the job without cramping a room and will add a pop of colour or an interesting pattern to your office space.

Versatile Desks

You can get desks of all shapes and sizes, so finding the right desk for you shouldn’t be hard! Usually, the most important thing you’ll need to fit on your desk is your computer or laptop, so to save space and tripping hazards, look for desks with built-in wire management solutions.

For a small home office, look for a compact desk with beneficial features. For example, you can get desks that include overhead storage, built-in shelves, or pull-out keyboard trays to maximise your space. Consider what you will need close to hand daily, and ensure that all of these things have a home around your efficient new desk.

On the other hand, you could ditch the traditional approach altogether and opt for a standing desk if you can work this way. With a standing desk, you can adjust the height of your workspace for a usable working environment without the closed-in feeling.

Corner Desks


If the space you’re working with isn’t big enough for a complete desk, a corner desk may be your saving grace. Compact yet incredibly helpful in terms of storage, a corner desk will fit into any space.

An interesting perk of these angled desks is that many are designed with productivity and comfort in mind. For example, you can get corner desks that are specifically put together to reduce strain on your body, thus improving productivity and guaranteeing comfort, even during a long day. On top of this, due to their shape and size, corner desks provide more of a usable work surface, allowing full usability.

You can get corner desks with plenty of accessories depending on your needs. For instance, there are corner desks that include overhead storage or shelving, filing cabinets, well-placed holes for wires and retractable keyboard trays. So, if you’re working with little space or even just half a room, a corner desk with a lithe angel chair is likely your best option.

Compact Filing Cabinets


Filing cabinets don’t have to be cumbersome and clunky. Instead, you can get lovely, small filing cabinets with plenty of organisational space.

If you deal with a lot of paperwork on a regular basis, you could get a compact filing cabinet with plenty of draw space that fits perfectly under your desk or into a cupboard. Alternatively, you could get a wall-mounted filing cabinet to make use of the expansive space.

However, if you don’t deal with paper often, it may be better to include some table-top filing trays in your office instead. These handy trays can fit perfectly on your desk or a shelf to free up room in the rest of your office.

Multi-Purpose Shelving Units

modern home office ideas with shelving unitsOf course, you want your office to stay tidy and organised. Clutter will make your space feel cramped, and with a small office, that’s the last thing you need! Instead, invest in a few multi-purpose shelving units to keep your workspace clear.

You could try freestanding shelving units or wall-mounted options, depending on your available space. Wall shelves are a great option in any office since they make use of space that would otherwise go unused. However, freestanding shelving units with wheels would be a great choice if you’re a fan of portability.

Whether you choose detached units or wall-mounted shelves, you’ll thank yourself for including extra storage in your office. Properly organised storage options allow you to keep your essential supplies to hand. Plus, they’ll enable you to spice up your office with some interesting décor pieces.

Wheeled Printer Trolley

small home office ideas that include printer trolleys

If you regularly require the use of large office hardware pieces, consider including a printer trolley in your office. These wheeled carts are strong enough to hold a printer, scanner or similar piece of office equipment and are easy to wheel out of the way when necessary.

You can also get printer carts with built-in shelving, providing even more storage space and allowing you to keep all your paper and supplies needed for the printer in one place. Finally, once you’ve finished using your printer, the handy wheeled trolley allows you to wheel it out of sight. So, you can keep your office open and gain back floor space without losing out.

How To Maximise Small Office Space


Once your office is set up, settling down to work in it can prove more troublesome than you thought. Although including small home office ideas in your design is beneficial, you may run into struggles once you start using the space. Or you might want to make the room look bigger so you don’t feel quite as closed-in when working. So here are a few extra tips on maximising small office space to boost the productivity of your workdays from the get-go.

Plan Your Space 

In case you hadn’t guessed, creating a productive workspace in the comfort of your own home can be difficult! Once you everything for your office, create a plan of where you want it all to go. This will ensure that everything will fit comfortably where you need it to.

Remove Any Distractions

Working from home presents its own challenges since our homes are places we usually relax in. So, remove any distractions, whether this be a television or the gym equipment you plan to hit once you’ve finished. Make sure your office is completely focused on work.

Use Your Storage 

You don’t want your office to get cluttered and cramped, so make good use of the extra storage you’ve invested in! Give everything a place, and make sure you put your equipment back where it should be after using it.

Organise Your Drawers 

It’s easy to buy storage options and then throw everything in there randomly until you go looking for something in there. Consider installing dividers for your drawers and storage units to keep them organised.

Reduce Wires 

In a modern office, wires are unavoidable. However, you can certainly reduce the number of wires in your office. Where possible, choose wireless options – such as a keyboard and mouse – to keep your office clear of cables.

Use The Best Colour Scheme 

Choosing a colour scheme for your home sets the atmosphere of the rooms, and you want your office to promote productivity and focus. So include colours that will set the right atmosphere, such as white, blue, orange or yellow.

Choose Space-Saving Lights 

Floor and table lamps are terrible small home office ideas. Save some space by lighting your room with as much natural light as possible. If natural light isn’t an option for your office, try LED lighting mounted on the wall to brighten your room without taking up space[iii].

Small Home Office Furniture Ideas To Maximise Your Space

Choosing the best set-up for your home office is essential, regardless of size. Although a small space isn’t always ideal, we’re sure some of our small home office ideas will help you get the most out of your workspace, no matter where you set it up.

Do you have any small home office ideas? Let us know your tips!





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