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Sloane & Sons Popular Wingback Chair Features in Latest Coca-Cola x Sky Sports TV Ad


Wingback Chairs – the perfect seat for the armchair football fan?

Never underestimate the comfort of a well-made chair. If you’ve ever watched your beloved football team play in an uncomfortable chair, you probably noticed that you weren’t as focused on the game as you should have been. The perfect armchair is just as important as the right beverages and snacks when watching a football game on TV, as evidenced in a recent collaborative Coca Cola and Sky Sports TV advertisement.


Excitingly, the armchair featured in the ad is none other than our own Morris Red Tartan Fabric Wingback Chair. This is a seriously stylish piece of furniture for the armchair sporting enthusiast and one you definitely want to be sitting in when an important game is on.

What makes the wingback chair so popular?

Understated, yet stylish and timeless, the wingback chair has a range of features to boast. Originally crafted with ‘wings’ to prevent the sitter from cold breezes in days when we didn’t have the luxury of heating, the wingback chair has transcended through the ages to become a popular statement chair.

Some of the earlier versions of the wingback chair were made of wood and while the winged parts of the chair would offer some protection from the cold, they weren’t very comfortable to sit on. The wingback chair we know and love today is upholstered for comfort, and at Sloane & Sons, we have 30+ years of experience in crafting cosiness. Our red morris wingback chair is so popular that it has even featured in a set on BBC’s popular show Strictly Come Dancing.

Strictly Come Dancing wingback chair

Sloane & Sons Morris Wingback Chair on the set of Strictly Come Dancing

Why invest in a wingback chair?

There is no denying the appeal of having a wingback chair in your living room. It adds an air of elegance and dramatic flair to the room. Having one or two wingback chairs in your living room can add a little extra pizzaz the room. You can generally match the fabric to other pieces in the room or you can go for contrasting colour and let those gorgeous chairs stand out as a focal point. The legs of this stunning chair are made of wood which is beautiful enough on its own, but you can also paint them if you need a different look to complement the rest of your décor. Best of all, these timeless chairs look great with traditional and contemporary furniture so your wingback chair will never look out of place.

Aesthetics aside, wingback chairs are incredibly comfortable. In particular, the warm colouring of the Morris Red Tartan Fabric Wingback Chair can change the ambience of the room from cool to cosy. The entire seat, back, armrests and wings are upholstered so when you sit in your chair by a crackling fire, you will feel completely enveloped in warmth.

Choose Sloane & Sons for style and quality

At Sloane & Sons, our aim is to put a stunning and functional piece of furniture in your home that is not only a comfortable seat but a focal point – a chair that ties the room together. We offer the stylish and stunning Morris Red Tartan Wingback Chair as featured in the Coca Cola / Sky Sports TV ad, as well as wingback chairs in a variety of other beautiful colours that will enhance the overall feel of your sanctuary from the outside world. Not only are the chairs made to the strictest quality control standards for durability, comfort is also high on the priority list. The only problem you’ll have is getting into the chair before someone else in your household does.

Our range of chairs is taking the world by storm, one seat at a time. So, what’s next? Our sleek angel chairs will be appearing on The Graham Norton set soon – watch this space.

Edward Sloane

Edward is the managing director of Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs. He is an expert in quality, comfortable upholstered chairs.


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