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5 Sewing Projects To Give Your Home A Refreshing Lift


There’s nothing better than showing off your home-sewn goods to friends and family when they come to visit over the holidays. Make some of these stylish crafts to complement your home decor in time for the winter.

#1 Knit your own foot pouffe

Crafting level: EASY

Imagine sinking back into the depths of your bucket chair resting your weary feet after a long day at work to warm in front of the fire, with your very own hand-knitted foot pouffe.

Not technically sewing but there is one thing that will get used time and time again but also give you a sense of satisfaction, it will be creating your own chunky knit pouffe.

With thick wool available in a range of colours, this is ideal for spending an evening or two creating something for your home. And we know that it will draw lots of admiration too from visitors so expect a long list of ‘can you make me one?’ requests too.


#2 Scatter cushions

Crafting level: EASY to SKILLED

Scatter cushions are essential not just for our comfort but also for adding pops and zings of colour, especially important during the grey months of winter.

To sew a scatter cushion cover is relatively easy. You just need some pretty material and a cushion pad and it comes together nicely. You can choose block coloured material and jazz it up a little with a complimentary pattern fabric too.

Once you have mastered the basic techniques of sewing a cushion cover, you might what to add a little more personalisation. So try your hand at embroidery!

Embroidery is the art and skills of creating a top layer of pattern or an image using different coloured embroidery silks. It takes a little more time and concentration, along with a few bits of inexpensive material but the results are truly stunning.


#3 Pom-pom throw

Crafting level: EASY

If you follow interior design trends then you will know that a hotly tipped trend for the coming winter is fringing and pom-pom edging for throws, cushions and even your curtains and blinds too.

As well as colour, the winter home needs an abundance of texture to give it the feel-good factor. And what better way to spend a cold winter’s evening with rain hammering at the window than snuggling on the sofa under a cosy throw.

And the great thing is, this sewing project doesn’t involve making the throw – you can adapt ones you already have! All you need to do is make your own pom-poms and sew them on.

As well as getting the whole family making pom poms, you can also buy pretty fringing from haberdasheries and crafting shops so there are plenty more opportunities to add pretty details to cushions and throws.


#4 Draught-excluder

Crafting level: EASY but needs a few basic sewing tools

If you live in an old property, you’ll understand the meaning of the word ‘draughty’. Even with windows tightly shut, double glazing and insulation, there still seems to be a small current of cold air that swirls around the home.

One way of stopping cold draughts in their tracks is to make a draught excluder. A long sausage shape stuffed with some kind of wadding is all well and good but if you are fed up of picking it up and moving it back once the door has been opened and shut, you need this handy guide to creating an under-the-door draught excluder.

Requiring a few materials, this is a super handy use of a ‘swimming noodle’ along with some good quality, hardwearing fabric to create a draught excluder that fits the bottom of your doors perfectly.


#6 Wool throw

Crafting level: EASY but is a more expensive project

Wool is slightly more expensive than most materials, especially synthetic fabrics but even though this project may be more costly, it is certainly a wool blanket that will last a generation or more.

Not only is wool hardwearing, but it is also a fantastic insulator too, ideal for the cold winter evenings and nights.

Haberdashery stores and craft shops, and even some upholsterers may sell smaller swatches of wool fabric, leftover materials from larger projects that are perfect for this quilted blanket.

Cut equal sizes of squares, arranging them in a way that makes the different colours and patterns satisfying to the eye. A wool quilting project is ideal starting pattern and makes a fantastic throw for beds or in the living room.

Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.