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Simple Styling Tips for the Corners of Your Room


The lines of the room are a natural guide to the eye.  Therefore, when someone is viewing your interior design, they will spend a lot more time in the corners than they will on the expanse of walls. So, if you have an awkwardly shaped corner, then you have the double problem of a space that is hard to fill and one that will always catch the eye.

Here we look at living room corner ideas, whether it is a corner shelving unit or angling one of our Velluto Velvet Accent Chairs, or more.  We will provide some of the best corner furniture ideas to make the best of this space.

Use your most precious décor items

If this is the place people will look, then fill it with those items that you want people to look at.  This seems like common sense, though all too often we spend time hiding the awkward corner. Drawing even more attention to the junction with our best items will use the shape of the room to your advantage.

One way to make this work is to build some shelving that meets in the corner.  You can then fill the shelves with your most prized items.  Think carefully about how you group your décor and use these groups to offer splashes of interest.

This is one of our favourite living room corner ideas, as it acts against expectation. It is making the awkward into the beautiful.

Use the corner as a workspace

Corner furniture ideas can often make the most of all the space in a room.  If you place a desk against one wall, you take up one whole side of the area.  However, if you have an awkward corner, you can always position your workspace there.  A simple triangular shaped desk would be the perfect use of the corner.

You can make even more use of this corner by putting up simple triangular shelves above the desk.  This could hold your monitor or your stationery items, or even a photograph of a loved one.  Corner shelving could be the complete solution to the space.  A triangular unit can turn an awkward area into a positive space with utility.

Turn it into a feature

Similar to the idea of putting your most valuable items in this corner, you can also turn the awkward corner into a feature.  For instance, imagine if you choose to build a fireplace in that corner.  Suddenly, your room has a unique shape.  You are also using the natural inclination of the viewer to follow lines to the edge and guiding them to this beautiful piece of construction.

Alternatively, if in the bedroom, you could turn your bed to cover the angle and seat it diagonally on the room.  This would add interest where before space could have felt boxy.  Equally, in a living room, you could angle the sofa across the awkward corner and maybe use the area behind for storage.

Layer, just lots and lots of layers

Using your chair, and a rug and a small table beside an attractive cupboard layers furniture out into the room.  This layering of furniture essentially obscures the corners and brings the visitor into the centre of the room.  You need to be aware that a small room may feel cluttered with this strategy.  Yet, one person’s cluttered is another person’s cosy – so you need to know your space and your preferences.

A little nook

The hardest corners to fill are those under the stairs.  Living room corner ideas are tricky to come up with when you have not only a narrow space but also a low ceiling at some points.  In such places, there is little choice but to take advantage of the cosiness of the area.  So, why not turn this corner in a nook, where you can chill and relax.  It could be a place to read on a comfy seat or a site to listen to your music with your headphones on, caught in the depth of the beats.


Interior design is making the most of what you have got.  Therefore, any living room corner ideas should seek to maximise the importance of the corner.  A shelving unit is an obvious choice, a feature piece like a fireplace would be fantastic. However, sometimes the placement of a comfy chair and a reading table could be all that is needed.


Edward Sloane

Edward is the managing director of Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs. He is an expert in quality, comfortable upholstered chairs.


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