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Introducing Patterns to Your Home’s Interior

At a time where everyone seems to be turning towards minimalist design, it's easy to forget about patterns. This blog discusses how easy it is to introduce patterns into your interior, and the effect it can have.

Why Should You Use Patterns In Your Home?

Pattern and colour have a dramatic impact on your home interior but we can be hesitant to introduce it, simply because we are unsure how to use pattern.


How we ‘see’ pattern

A room filled with a cacophony of patterns is overpowering to some but stimulating and joyous to others.

And that’s our first lesson – how we see and respond to pattern is an individual thing.


Current pattern trends

Essentially, what is available and what designers are using in the glossy pages of magazines tend to influence our choices, so it’s worth taking note.

The trend this year seems to be greenery, with big, bold green leaves on wallpaper and some fabrics.

Whether this is to your taste or not, this is how to use pattern in your home.


#1 Use it as a focal point

Make it obvious if the one thing that you want people to note about the room is the pattern, whether that is the floral tub chairs or checked wallpaper.

Choose a pattern that you find captivating – it could be the interlocking style of a geometric pattern or the beautiful ditzy flower print that reminds you of a childhood bedroom – and stick with it, making it star of the show. And that’s our second lesson – playing safe won’t always work so sometimes, big and bold is what you need in pattern choice.


#2 Work with an era

If you are still unsure, designers say that choosing a pattern associated with a certain ear can help to get the room right.

For example, the Art Deco style was all angles and straight lines, and thus, some of the geometric designs would be quite fitting if you shaped the room along similar lines.

Some of the bolder, vintage patterns hark back to the 1970s with the mustard yellow and muddy greens, a bit like Orla Kiely patterns.


#3 Architectural detailing

If you are fortunate to live in a property with some architectural features, then you could use these as a base for a patterned wallpaper.

A concern of working with pattern is that it doesn’t look ‘natural’ or ‘like it should be there’. By using it to highlight a certain feature, it has been given a purpose, something that many of us find appealing.

Choose a patterned wallpaper, for example, to highlight an archway from one room to another or alongside a large, ornate front door.


#4 Start small

If using pattern scares you, then start small.

And it can be the simplest of things, such as floral napkins at the dinner table, a checked cushion for the sofa or maybe be a little more adventurous with floral tub chairs.


#5 Be brave

You may think that ‘mixing and matching’ patterns is something only for the foolhardy or an interior designer who knows the secret of successful mixing of patterns.

There is no secret formula and that’s our third tip. Just experiment, see what works and what you doesn’t, what you like and what you don’t like.


#6 Subtle may be the key

Pattern doesn’t have to be mean big, bold and colourful. It could mean small, bold and colourful.

In fact, the subtle patterns we see in everyday life can be mimicked in the home. For example, the herringbone pattern of parquet flooring is a pattern, albeit a subtle one.


#7 Don’t give up

interior design using patterns Photo credit Decoist

You may have been brave and bold but know, you have a pattern that slaps you between the eyes and you want to soften it.

The way to do this is to identify the second primary colour of the pattern and use that in block, plain format in other areas of the room, just how they have done so in the above living room.

To stop the room from looking too flat, they have used not only different shapes and sizes of cushions but different textures too.


What Else is Popular?

  • Current wallpaper pattern trends including a very beautiful marble effect wallpaper for the bathroom.
  • Check our patterned carpet trends for 2018
  • Window treatments can also add pattern to a room, from bold statements to far more subtle patterns.
  • Geometric patterns are on trend right now for a child’s room, great for any age!