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  • Brighten Up Your Office Reception Area

    A tub chair for your reception area, what a great idea! Brighten up your reception area with one of our specially manufactured tub chairs available in a variety of designs and colours! Continue reading
  • Office Tub Chairs – It’s Time to Plan your Office Refurbishment

    It’s important that everyone enjoys the space they work in as much as they can. After all, we spend so much time in the work environment and quite often, we spend more time at work than we do at home. In the past, office furniture was bought from an office supplies company and there might have been 2 choices of colour for an office chair. It may also have been obligatory for the whole office to have the same colour for consistency. At some point in time, there was probably a fund backed project to assess what people thought about the space they work in. Whether it made them feel happy, sad, uplifted or demotivated and if indeed they were proud to call it their workspace. Being proud of where you work is very important and in itself, this is a great motivator.

    Continue reading
  • Funky Tub Chairs - Add A Touch Of Style To Your Living Areas

    Tub chairs or ‘bucket seats’ are a wonderful addition to any room. Often used as occasional chairs, they are in fact very comfortable; our fabric range is perfect for indoor relaxing. They can be used in pairs to create a cosy corner in a living room, perhaps with a little coffee table between for teas or coffees whilst reading the paper or looking out into the garden, especially with the autumn chill just around the corner. They can help to section off part of a bigger room to create an intimate space for relaxing and chatting in the morning or evening. Continue reading

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