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  • Colour Chart

    Ever wondered what your home says about you? Well here at TubChairs.com we have put together a colour chart of all our furniture colours and patterns to tell you exactly what your furniture choice says about you. For those redecorating, we have also included a few tips as to how you can use each colour or pattern within your homes. Let us know what your furniture says about you in the comment section below.

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  • Sloane & Sons Features on ITV’s 60 Minute Makeover!

    Sloane & Sons is proud to announce that our furniture is going to be featured on ITV’s 60 Minute Makeover show. The programme is a home makeover show where viewers nominate friends or family members for a free home transformation. The redesign is then carried out rather spectacularly within 60 minutes. The programme airs on ITV weekdays between 2pm and 3pm and is fronted by celebrity dad, Peter Andre.

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  • Tub Chair Buying Guide

    You’ve probably heard of how great tub chairs are by now. Their versatility and range of unique and colourful designs, while not compromising in comfort, has led to them taking the world by storm. You probably sit in one every day and don’t even notice; well why not get in on this upcoming trend? We’ve decided to put together a little buying guide to help you transform your home, office or restaurant.

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  • Dare to be Different

    How many of us dare to be different and feel confident about it? It’s more likely that we conform to what others expect to see from us in order to melt into the crowd and not “stick out”. We conform more often than not by wearing our hair in a certain style, wearing certain types of clothing for work or going out and perhaps even the spectacles that we wear. Why do we do it? Because we don’t want to be criticised or worse still, laughed at. Continue reading
  • What Is A Bucket Chair?

    Here in the UK it’s common to refer to our product as a Tub Chair, however in the US a Tub Chair is something different all together, it is called a Bucket Chair. Continue reading
  • Dining Out in Comfort

    How many times a month do you eat out and how much does it cost? Have you ever stopped to think about it... and taking it to the next logical thought, have you ever calculated how much you are spending? Continue reading

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