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  • 10 Places to Put an Accent Chair

    Sometimes you know that there is something missing from a room, but you can't quite pinpoint what it is. Accent chairs are an easy way to bring a room together and can be moved around as much as you want. Where are the best places to put an accent chair?

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  • 5 of the Best 2018 Trends for a Child’s Bedroom

    It's easy to go over the top when decorating a child’s room, making it too ‘busy’ and cluttered. You can easily add an element of style to tie a child’s room together using simple statement pieces that'll stand the test of time. But what are the current trends?

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  • 7 Hallway Decorations That Make the Right Impression

    The hallway is easy to leave unadorned and uninteresting, all in the name of leaving it clutter-free. That’s what we think it should be like. But first impressions count. so if the hallway is boring isn't making the statement that you would like it too.

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  • How to Protect and Clean Faux Leather Tubchairs

    Faux leather is a fantastic alternative to leather upholstery and with many advantages of faux leather chairs, it is no wonder they are a popular addition to a busy home and keeping them looking pristine and in a good state is easier than you think too.

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  • 5 Ideal Seating Solutions for Small Spaces

    Small spaces need not be wasted, no matter where it is in your home or how you intend to use it. But adding seating to a corner or a small room can seem like a feat of interior design ‘engineering’. Some people seem to carry it off with aplomb whilst the rest of us struggle to stop the ‘shoe-horned-a-chair-into-the-room’ look.

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