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  • Creating a Productive Home Office

    Working from home has become increasingly common and it’s easy to consider why when you assess the benefits. You don’t have to worry about the commute, there is increased flexibility and it is easier to create a better work-life-family balance. Unfortunately with no office and seemingly no room for a proper office, it can be difficult to be as productive as you need to be. Sloane & Sons is going to address this issue in our latest blog post and show you how to create a productive home office even in the smallest space. Continue reading
  • The Many Uses of a Tub Chair

    Tub Chairs

    Tub chairs have rose in prominence in recent years. From what typically was just a comfortable chair for your sitting room to being used in offices, restaurants and nightclubs, tub chairs have become a versatile piece of furniture. This blog post will look at their versatility and show you some of the many uses of a tub chair. Continue reading
  • Breakout Area Furniture - Get the Rest You Deserve

    In the world, office employers are encouraged to provide relaxation areas. These are places where employees can get away from their work stations and take a break from their computer screens. In fact, the UK government website has a guideline on rest breaks found here. Continue reading
  • Material Sourcing and Design for Sloane & Sons Products

    Did you know that Sloane & Sons sources its wood from the FSC? The FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council, an initiative that ensures that for every tree stripped from the forest, another one is replanted in its place. The FSC initiative is designed to protect the rain forests and keep the Earth green. We are extremely proud to be a part of it. Continue reading
  • Sloane & Sons Works with the NHS

    Here at Sloane & Sons we have been rather lucky to work with some high profile clients, one of which was the NHS. The NHS got in touch as they were refurbishing an eye hospital in Uganda. They asked us to provide the furniture and we were more than happy to oblige. Continue reading
  • Sloane & Sons Partners with East Midlands Trains

    You might have noticed over the past few months that East Midlands Trains are refurbishing their first class lounges. We are thrilled to announce that Sloane & Sons were selected to provide the furniture for this new and exciting makeover. Continue reading

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