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  • Designing the Perfect Reading Corner

    You can never have too many books! But finding a quiet, well-lit space to indulge your passion for the printed word can be impossible in a busy family home. The answer is to create your very own reading nook and we have the perfect ‘how to’ guide to create one!

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  • 5 Hottest Hotel Furniture Trends of 2018

    If your hotel lobby is looking a little tired and in need of an update or your guest accommodation could do with an injection of something new, this is the list that you need. Take a look at what will make a big impression on your guests.

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  • 7 Feng Shui Mistakes and Fixes

    Peace, tranquillity and positive energy are three things we are all surely seeking in our homes. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of encouraging all this and more, to flow through our homes.

    Think of it as a roadmap for positive vibes but it is a road network that can become easily congested, especially when obstacles are in the way.

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  • Bathroom Design Tips

    Bathroom design needn’t be complicated. We take a look at bathroom design and how simple accessories can help you achieve the look you crave.

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  • Introducing Patterns to Your Home’s Interior

    At a time where everyone seems to be turning towards minimalist design, it's easy to forget about patterns. This blog discusses how easy it is to introduce patterns into your interior, and the effect it can have.

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