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Modern Interior Design Guide


If you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, it can sometimes be challenging to define the line between design styles.  If you are looking to place your modern tub chairs within a modern design. First, there are choices that overlap in interior design, a merging between styles rather than clear, distinct lines.  Second, it is often a matter of perspective.  One designer may view a choice within one school of design, while another sees influence from another.  In short, it takes someone incredibly confident to declare they know exactly what defines modern design.

This guide is conceived to give you some of the fundamentals of modern design.  We hope that you can choose some of these design styles to offset your new tub chair perfectly.

What is modern interior design?

Modern interior design is a design that was made popular in the early to mid-twentieth century.  You might have thought that modern design was that which we design today.  However, this is a contemporary design.  Modern design is a set period that evolved from German and Scandinavian design, whereas contemporary design is ever-evolving. It was called modern design because it harnessed the possibilities of machinery – the brave new world at the beginning of the 1900s.  It allowed for stylish furniture to be mass produced and available for the homes of the ordinary person living in affordable housing.

Form and Function Together

In modern design, the form is probably a little more important than function.  For a modern designer, the good interior design considers the function of a room first, making sure it works for your use.  Then, the lines in modern design will be clean and the décor minimal, with this simpleness of design more important than the function itself.  It was meant as an answer to the drama and indulgence of the Gothic and Victorian Styles that had dominated previously.  There should be no lavish purposeless ornament; there will be boxy lines, with some elegant curves to draw the eye.

Go Neutral

The colour palette for your modern room will be neutral.  Colour will be used as an accent, rather than a feature.  The palette also tends towards the earthy, natural colours – away from the dramatic.  The emphasis on embracing nature again after the excesses of previous design eras.  You would never use a bold colour for an entire wall; it could be used sparingly, as a line or curve to break up the neutrals.

The easiest way to give the splash of colour in a neutral room would be to use your accessories such as cushions.  This also allows you to refresh and update your design relatively cheaply when you get bored with this flash of colour.

Alternatively, you could add different textures rather than a splash of colour.  This means the look of the material rather than the actual material. Whether it is woods, stones, metals, fur, or more – the material does not need to be used for texture, just the effect of this material.  This means your furniture choices are likely to come from natural materials rather than plastics or polyesters.

Let there be light

A modern design will be distinguished by much natural light.  If possible, the light for the room should come through the windows and be given space to spread through the room.  This means your drapes will be light coloured or sheer.  You will also want to think about a pale flooring that reflects the light, like laminate wood flooring.

However, all room designs should aim to have one focal point of light, as well as ambient lighting.  Therefore, you should look to find a lamp that follows the rules of modern design.  There should be clean, simple lines that work for the function of the light.  There should be nothing flashy about the lamp, but it should have a curve, or a feature, that gives it a small raison d’etra.

Your simple guide to a modern room

So, to get your modern design, you need to think simple and choose natural.  It would be best if you had a flash of colour or texture that should accent the neutrality of the room.  This could be your modern tub chair, or it could be as simple as the cushion you use to add even more comfort to this seat.

Edward Sloane

Edward is the managing director of Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs. He is an expert in quality, comfortable upholstered chairs.


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