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Material Sourcing and Design for Sloane & Sons Products

Did you know that Sloane & Sons sources its wood from the FSC? The FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council, an initiative that ensures that for every tree stripped from the forest, another one is replanted in its place. The FSC initiative is designed to protect the rain forests and keep the Earth green. We are extremely proud to be a part of it.

FSC - Sourced from a Sustainable Forest

All the wood used for the construction of our tub chairs is sourced from Asian rain forests. We use only the finest materials that are extremely durable because we want to provide you with quality for longer. This is one of our qualities that makes us unique. We don’t skimp on quality, we celebrate it and we love that in doing so, we also protect the environment. These tub chairs are made from a wooden frame that is covered in fabric and cushion. Did you know that the cushion is memory foam? Tub chairs are designed to be comfortable and we think a memory foam cushion that moulds to your bottom is another great way of showing our customers our quality products. Did you also know we specialise in cushions? We’ve spent 30 years designing cushions and playing with fabrics and by now we’ve become somewhat an expert.

Dare to Dream

Our tub chair range comes in a variety of bright, bold and intricate patterns. Simply because we dared to be different and experimented with upholstery over the years. This means we're able able to offer you a lot more and we are so proud of that. fabric samples are on offer to our customers to help them make the right decision for their home. We believe in our customers which is why we give them the best, thanks for believing in us.