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Leather vs. Fabric - Which Tub Chair Material is for You?

Choosing the right furniture for your home is an age old battle. Ever since people began decorating their homes with items that provide comfort and appearance, choices concerning which materials to be used have had to be made. The same options still ring true to this day and in particular the leather and fabric argument. This decision process includes the use of tub chairs. It is all well and good stating that they offer style and satisfaction but should you be opting for leather or fabric tub chairs in your home?


Perhaps the number one priority in picking any sort of seating is comfort. You understandably want to ensure that you are selecting furniture that offers a cosy place to rest. Many people would back fabric tub chairs as the winner in this round as they tend to be softer and warmer. Of course, there are a wide range of fabrics including chenille, linen, cotton and microfibre which all offer a good level of comfort. On the other hand, leather tub chairs are maybe the better choice if you suffer with allergies. Because of their makeup, they don’t accommodate dust mites and other allergy inducing components. Leather tub chairs are also a touch firmer than fabric ones too. If it’s firmness you’re after, you may be best looking at leather.


If comfort is the primary reason for picking furniture, then appearance must almost match it at the very least. There’s no point buying a green seat for your yellow room. That is unless that’s your colour scheme. Fabric tub chairs offer a fantastic range of styles and designs and with so many options to choose from, you’ll definitely be able to find one, two or more that take your fancy and complement your current décor. You’ll also find prints and styles that simply aren’t possible with leather. So if you’re looking for something specific, stick to fabric. When it comes to class and elegance, not many materials can strike as well as leather tub chairs. Whether it’s real or faux leather, you can easily achieve an added sense of style within your room. What’s more, faux leather isn’t restricted to the black, brown or ivory hues. Getting the perfect colour and style is a real possibility.

Cleaning and Durability

As much of a bore as it can sometimes be, cleaning is something that we all have to face on a regular basis. Included in your list of chores will probably some sort of mini evaluation of furniture. A few years ago, spilling anything on your furniture would have had dire consequences. More modern treatments of fabric sofas and tub chairs though mean that most stains can be taken care of. Usually only using just a bit of soapy water or cleaning solution. Leather generally requires even less effort to clean. A lot of leather furniture owners will use only a baby wipe or damp sponge and give it a once over for almost instant results. In terms of durability, both materials have their own ups and downs. This is especially true where children and pets are concerned. Leather tub chairs may be more susceptible to obvious signs of scratches but fabric will attract fur, hair and stains more than leather. Leather seating is arguably more durable over time than fabric tub chairs. With that being said, leather can often replicate temperature, making them hot and sticky in the summer or cold in the winter.

Personal Preference

Chances are that if you have your mind set one or the other already, you’re probably still championing your desired material. Even after taking all of the arguments in, the decision will ultimately come down to preference. Fabric tub chairs are perfect for a comfortable seating option with an almost unlimited array of prints, patterns and colours. Leather tub chairs offer a graceful and sleek arrangement that is easy to clean. Whichever you opt for, you’re going to get the perfect tub chair.