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5 Modern Kitchen Design Trends


Kitchens have been the heart of the home for millennia. It’s only right that your kitchen is stylish, warm and welcoming. We take a look at the most recent kitchen design trends that anyone can adopt.



Elegant grey and painted dark cabinets

If you love the timeless appeal and elegance of white cabinetry, then you will be pleased to hear that a white kitchen can still be top of your list.

If, however, you like colour then you need to know which are on-trend at the moment;

  • Grey becomes elegant – grey has been the go-to neutral colour for some time now. But the variation in shades has meant that until now, it has been difficult to getthe look you wanted. However, take a cursory glance on the high street and you will find grey cabinetry for the kitchen that is the perfect shade. In other words, not too light to be of no consequence but not battleship grey either.
  • Darker colours – if you want drama in the kitchen, then darker cupboard doors are the order of the day. From forest green to midnight navy, painted cabinet doors is the finish you are looking for in darker colours.



Streamline design with texture

Of course, a streamlined kitchen is nothing new and something that many of us hanker after. The clean lines of a modern kitchen that retains a sense of warmth and welcome can be difficult to achieve but there is a new trend that is emerging as 2018 draws to a close.

We have long been taught that soft furnishings in a kitchen were not a good idea. However, this was at a time when a look of cooking methods depending on frying. Today, we tend to cook using other methods and so welcoming a modern tub chair or even a beat-up old sofa into the kitchen is no longer an issue.

In fact, the use of upholstery and soft furnishings from padded bar stools to tub chairs and sofas are increasingly being used in a kitchen. This creates a hybrid of the clean-cut look we desire, with the comfy space we want it to be.



Top of the budget item: worktops

granite kitchen counters
Anyone refitting or redesigning their kitchen will understand how much budget plays a part in the choices we have.

But there is one aspect that designers say we should never compromise on – and that is worktops. Opt for the best worktops you can afford within your budget, sacrificing other items if you need to.

If your budget can shoulder it, there is no denying the beauty of granite worktops, still the top choice when it comes to designing the perfect kitchen.

The choice of colour and finish is entirely yours, although the black granite worktop is still a favourite. If you want an edgier choice, opt for white with a beautiful glittery fleck for a light, bright feel to your kitchen.



Super-clever storage

Can you ever over design or engineer a kitchen? It seems not. Although, some argue that for the mechanics of the kitchen to truly suit YOU, it needs to be designed around YOU.

And this is why when it comes to a kitchen re-fit that you consider carefully how you use the kitchen, how you cook and so on.

With this in mind, take a look at some of the more engineered and personal choices of storage solution in the kitchen. from slimline pull out spice racks to clever storage solutions that make the most of floor and wall cabinets, when it comes to storage, the name of the game is to make the most of the solutions on offer.



Pet-friendly kitchens

You may think that encouraging pets into the hygienic space of the kitchen is not something we should do but in the busy family home. It tends to be the place that everyone congregates for food.

However, rather than having pet bowls of food and water acting as an island to sidestep on the floor, modern kitchen design is making a space in the kitchen for pets. A recess within the run of floor cabinets is perfect for hiding away the food and water bowls. This is a great way to minimise the frustration of having to side-step them all the time.

There are many other trends for the modern kitchen. Wood flooring seems to be the must-have flooring solution although the beauty of ceramic floor is not far behind. Likewise, the streamlined modern kitchen tap is the firm favourite as is the minimal sink area.

But what about a modern tub chair in the kitchen? Is this something you would do?

Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.