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Keep Up with the Interior Design Trends This Season

As seasons change, so do fashions. Make sure you keep up-to-date with what’s popular. Here’s what’s going to look stylish in your home this season.

Popular Seasonal Design Trends

You want your home to be stylish, without compromising on functionality and practicality. But with trends changing so fast, it can be hard to keep up! We took a look at some of the smaller and bigger changes you can make to your home this coming season to keep right on trend.


Part 1: Colour

Colour is important in every room of the home but what colours and schemes do interior designers say will be forming the backdrop to our homes this coming season?


Pink was a big colour last season and like most trends, it is not going away entirely just morphing into a new shade. Designers expect lavender and lilac to be the strongest pastel colour this coming spring and well into summer too. The announcement of Pantone’s colour of the year as ultra violet has strengthened this love of all things purple. For the price of a pot of emulsion, you can bring any room bang up to date.

Bold, earthy colours

room with blue walls

If pink is a little too sugary for you, bold and earthy colours may be the colour scheme that takes your fancy. Having trouble choosing? As you would expect, interior designs are on hand to help you.

When thinking of colour, think darker shades that have a moodiness, a depth and a drama all of their own. Very dark green is making a strong showing, as is navy.

High contrast palette

Many of us shy away from using very dark colours for fear that it will make a room too gloomy, closing it down and making it appear smaller than it really is. But there is a solution this coming season with a welcome high contrast palette.

Use dark, earthy colours alongside crisp white woodwork and pristine white ceilings. Keep accessories neutral too. This allows the depth of the colour to come through without overpowering the rest of the room.


Part 2: Patterns

Adding character and detail to a room is achieved in many ways: pattern is just one of them. But what are the must-have patterns this year?


cluster of cushions on sofa

We have mixing florals and geometric patterns making a strong showing for the last few seasons. Circles, however, have tended to be assigned to children or funky spaces, with multi-coloured circle patterns on everything from bed linen to rugs.

But, we are pleased to see that circles have come of age and, with more muted ‘grown-up’ colours, circles are predicted to be the must-have pattern this year. Why opt for a circular pattern upholstery on tub chairs, for example?

Tone on tone

Not a pattern as such but a finish that helps those of us who shy from patterns for fear of overdressing a room. Basically, this is where you paint furniture the same colour and shade as the wall against which it stands.

Our tip – use sparingly as it can soon tip from something quirky and unique to something that is overdone. Start with small items first and see if you like the look. It works well if you are trying to create a vintage appeal to a room.

Agate wallpaper

We were surprised at this too and although we aren’t too sure this will be a super-instant hit this coming season, it could be the pattern for your home that is easy to use. And when the trend disappears, you simply strip the wallpaper and replace with something new.

You may have seen the wallpaper ‘art’ you can now purchase, which sees the whole expanse of a wall covered in one pattern or image. We have come across a suggestion that agate – the pattern found in some rocks and stones – will make the must-have wallpaper backdrop. Worth the risk? Maybe…

Part 3: Details

Accessories are the details that lift the room. It can be anything from a large wall clock to a spectacular hanging light. We took a look at some of the budget options for making small changes with big impact.


Brass finishes to accessories, from table lamps to taps, was a welcome respite from polished and matte chrome that we had seen for many years. And thankfully, there is no sign of it going away just yet.

Choose brash finishes that are slimline and clutter-free, to keep the look classic and not too lumpy or overly traditional.

Sculptural light fittings

Designers take key elements from design schemes and incorporate them to give new twists on favourite classics. Very few of the elements we have talked about thus far have been structural changes and although changing a light fitting isn’t a bit ask, it is one that needs to be carried out by a qualified electrician.

But it is worth it. Make the most dramatic and over the top statement that you possibly can with an amazing light fitting. Make the statement in the lounge, in the dining room or even in the hallway. Think big, think designer, think impact.

Bold accents

room with tub chairs

There are times in any interior design scheme that there needs to be a zing of colour or detail that is obvious and bold, but well-placed.

Comfy accent chairs make the ideal vehicle for colour and pattern, which are pleased to see is muscling in on the action this coming spring. The contrast can also be within the chair itself – plain, block colour back and side, but pattern seat and scatter cushions, for example – or choose a colour or pattern for use across the whole chair that sits well within your home décor.


There is no denying that a stylish abode is a perfect way to relax and destress in our busy lives. And we want to have the latest trends in many areas of our homes. These ideas are perfect for every room in the home.

What changes do you plan on making in your home this year? What can you see as being the next big trend?