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Interior Design Trends You Can Expect To See in 2018


2018 promises to come with new developments as far as interior design is concerned. After many years of constant automation and high-tech home entertainment systems; we’re a bit tired. Nowadays, we don’t need to interconnect everything in our homes. We want to just enjoy a lovely view in a window bay rather than sitting on a chair that’s connected to a device like the television.

So what does this mean? In 2018, balance and simplicity will form most home interior designs. Use of colours, warm palettes and earthier tones is slowly coming back to life. You’ll realise that old designs are now new again to make the corners of your living space somewhere you can unwind, unplug and relax!

Here, we will look at the highly predicted interior designs coming your way in 2018. However, before we dive into them, it’s essential to look at the most common designs. This will help you choose your most preferred style as you wait for the new developments. You’ll also learn the difference between interior design styles.


The Most Common Interior Design Styles



Modern is a broad type of design that normally describes a home with crisp, clean lines, and an easy colour palette. Such homes use materials like glass, steel and metal. They provide a sense of simplicity in almost all elements, even furniture! A phrase that’s popularly used to refer to these designs is sleek. A lot of accessories come with the modern interior design styles.


Contemporary and modern styles are used interchangeably in various home designs. Unlike modern designs which started interpreting models from the 20th century, the contemporary forms are more fluid. They do not rely on one particular style. They may include things such as curving lines, something that modern designs fail to do.


The minimalist designs are pretty standard in some countries such as Australia. This designs take various components of modern styles and makes them simpler. Here, you’ll find that furnishings are streamlined and simple, and the colour palettes are airy and neutral. Of course, you shouldn’t expect accessories to be flamboyant and excessive.


Such a fantastic piece of design draws its inspiration from an urban loft or warehouse. It creates a feeling of incomplete rawness in various elements. Some of the trends that you’ll come across are ductwork, exposed bricks and wood. In most cases, if you want to renovate your loft, the industrial style is arguably the best!

Mid-Century Modern

This design is what we like to call a throwback to the styles of the 1950s and even early 1900s. It has that nostalgia effect that never seems to go away. It’s just simple and has rich functionality! If you decide to use this style, emphasis on organic or natural furniture shapes, like an oval table. In the end, you’ll enjoy how they complement your home by adding the outdoors indoors.

With these five common interior designs, you have some basic knowledge of what to expect in 2018. As they continue to improve, there’s a lot you can expect as we approach the New Year.

Below is a list of the predicted interior design trends in both colour and layout:

What Trends Will be Popular In 2018?

popular design trends

Use simple and unique blends of colour and art to decorate your room in 2018

We all want to simplify and beautify everything that surrounds us. We also want to create calm spaces that allow us to relax and stretch our muscles. With such factors in mind, let us carefully look at the most significant trends in home designs for 2018.

Use of Tonal Reds in Your Home

We all know that red is the colour of fire. But once you turn off the heat, you realise that it’s also the earth’s colour. How so? Well, you only need to think about the clay plains, reddish brown or the changing of autumn leaves from their usual green colour to vermilion. In 2018, the earthy reds will be incorporated with some cooler tones to give a fantastic appearance in your home and office space.


The term only describes design trends that make contemporary homes and offices more comfortable. They put different features into consideration. So, you should expect to see small spaces for doing various tasks and reading nooks all put in one place. Such creates comfortable corners where you can enjoy, relax and unwind in style. The design adds a somewhat charming and stylish tone to even the modern interior designs. It decorates all living rooms to create an elegant and luxurious comfort!

Dark Wood with Bright Lights

Light brown colours, especially those of a natural forest, are both appealing and modern. If you want to decorate your small spaces in 2018, they are one of the most fantastic styles to consider. Dark wood brings vibrant hues of a chocolate brown colour which further creates a luxurious feel. Combined with incredible lighting ideas, dark wood creates a warm, spacious and comfortable room.

Using Furniture with Simple Shapes

Simplicity in shapes and lines is another significant trend. Clean, geometric and elegant designs with some few curved angles have the best value when it comes to modern interiors. Some of the stylish options coming our way include pure Scandinavian, Minimalist and retro-modern designs.

They promise to create an impressive look! You’ll discover that the soft fabrics and wood, build a luxurious and long-lasting home furnish especially if you add a Bristol red Fabric Angel chair to your living space.


Other than showing amazing skills, recycling styling projects in 2018 will create unique and attractive furnishings. Their artwork will boundlessly go well with other home decorations to harmonise textures and balance different colour schemes.

Frugal Originality and Ideas

Are you looking for trends that beautify and personalise modern interior designs? Well, in 2018 you’ll be treated to some of the most captivating views. Suitable examples include blending various textures creatively, use of new themes, and even recycling. Remember that it’s no longer about choosing fancy designs, the future is all about attractively using simple styles!

Wood Crafts and Custom Carpentry

Woodworking projects will boost your design ideas, personalise rooms and make very cosy and luxurious living room spaces. Here, you’ll get a chance to use houseplants, unfinished frames to give a new-blend of colours and an eco-friendly home decor appearance.

Modern Colour Palettes

If you’re still wondering how to use Rose Quartz and Serenity in your home, 2018 comes with more colour palettes. Some of these include:

Playful – these colours remind people just to stop and smile! Adding seat covers of Lime Popsicle and Minion Yellow on your jubilee sage green fabric wingback chair creates an exciting mood in your living room.

Discretion – it’s expected to be the alter ego of the playful colour palettes. Its desiderated hues like Hawthorne and Elderberry should provide a feeling of strength, and the high pink colour comes on its own.

Verdure – this palette symbolises health with its many vegetal colours. Suitable examples include berry purple, celery green and egg blue.

Far-fetched – with these colours, you can grab and enjoy various cultures. You’ll find schemes made of earthy tones like Cornsilk Yellow.

Resourceful – this is just a blend of cold and warm tones. It comes with oranges and complementary orange and blue colours that just create an intriguing appearance.

Tech-nique – 2018 comes with a Frosted Almond and Brilliant White to provide balance to the turquoise, bright pink colours and different purple shades. All this is thanks to technology!

Intricacy – it puts to use neutral metallics, also known as new neutrals with blends of yellow sulphur and holly berry.

Intensity – Here is an electric mixture of colours that you should expect in 2018. It creates a feeling of power, growth and sophistication. You’ll also like the way it incorporates black and gold tones.

How to Incorporate These Trends

dark room interior

A beautiful and modern living space

You’ve chosen the design trends you would want to use in 2018, but how can add them to your home? Remember that it’s always better to do it yourself instead of asking for the services of a home interior designer.

So, here’s basically how you can improve your living space using these fantastic designs and colour styles:

Living Room Interior Decor

corner sofa in a bright, open room

An attractive living room

You can now decorate your living room space with some of the latest designs and trends. A good example is adding a red or orange colour to all your faux leather tub chairs. You can place them next to a plain white wall to create a happy and lively room. This blend of colours improves your modern home without even using technology!

You can also hang simple wood crafts on a plain wall to boost the mood of your living room. Besides, it creates a relaxing feeling in the room even without putting some slow music. Have some plant wood containers too and plant some bright flowers to complement your living room further. Of course, you’ll need to put them where they can get direct sunlight and proper air circulation. This way, your beautiful flowers will not wither and die.


kitchen with marble counter tops

A gorgeous kitchen space!

You can do a lot to improve the appearance of your kitchen in 2018. If you want to create a luxurious kitchen space, you only need to use the right colours. You can add black countertops on walls with white cabinets and even some steel cookware. Also, put some green plants in the corner to relief your colour scheme a bit.

You need a sense of sophistication, power and growth in your kitchen. The best way to achieve this is by using the intricacy colour palette. You can use its black and yellow colours to decorate your kitchen countertops. They hide tough stains and are easy to wash.


traditional bathroom design

An exotic bathroom

Creating an exotic and attractive feeling to your bathroom is essential. Decorating such rooms was a bit difficult before because we rely heavily on technology. For instance, most of us want to add the most high-tech shower drains. But does it improve your bathroom’s appearance? In 2018 all this is about to change. You’ll get a chance to improve your bathroom by finally mixing different colours with some awesome styles.

Here, you can use geometric, elegant and clean shapes to add value to your modern and contemporary bathroom. Add mixtures of lime Popsicle and minor yellow to create an exciting feeling each time you want to use the bathroom. It’s even lovelier once you bring the outdoors to this room using some vegetal colours. Celery green might be a good option as it brings out the intensity of the environment.


double bed with bright bed sheets

Create a comfortable bedroom environment!

Your bedroom should be extra relaxing; you want to sleep in a room where you can feel peaceful and drift off to sleep quickly. In 2018, you don’t have to go purchasing electric beds or high-quality air conditioners. All you’ll need to do is pick some simple, stylish designs and colour schemes.

You can use latest trends in wood art and custom carpentry to boost the appearance of your bedroom. Put some beautiful house plants next to your bed and add some unfinished frames on your walls. This brings out a good mixture of colours by combining both interior and exterior designs in an environmentally friendly manner. However, avoid plants with strange odours to prevent breathing complications as you sleep.

Adding art to your bedroom is one of the first things you need to do in the New Year. You’ll even get enough sleep because of the natural effect created by incorporating friendly houseplants. It’s just like the cosy feeling of sleeping in the sweet arms of Mother Nature!


With these expected interior design trends, there’s a lot that we need to do to improve our homes. Luckily, going through them means that you won’t have to wait until the turn of the New Year to start decorating your living space. Take the advantage and start out way before other find out about them, you’ll make your home stand out!

Keep in mind that simplicity is the most crucial factor. Don’t try to be extravagant while choosing styles and designs because that has now become an old trend. Having said that, how else can you use these interior design trends to improve your home?

Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.