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Interior Design Trends 2019 – What’s In and What’s Out?


As we head into the spring season, many people are doing a big spring clean and redecorating their homes. This is a good chance to assess what you like about your space, and what you think needs a freshening up. Global design trends ebb and flow every year, and so we have compiled a list of what is ‘In” and what is “Out” in 2019.

While you should always decorate your home in a style that makes you happy, keeping an eye on trends can prevent your décor from becoming dated and out of touch. A style overhaul every few years can keep things fresh and interesting for you and your family.

Read ahead to learn more about what is in style – and what is out of fashion – in 2019.

IN: Sustainable design and décor

As our planet plunges into deeper and deeper trouble, more and more people are realising that small choices can have a big impact. People are asking themselves if the companies they buy from are ethical, have good corporate values, and use sustainable materials. Fast fashion is on its way out for good.

OUT: Clutter for the sake of clutter

A few years ago, one of the hottest trends was to make things as eclectic and cluttered as possible to create visual interest. Travel trinkets, retro pieces, and clashing patterns were combined to make things look ‘interesting.’ In reality, it just makes things look a bit too messy. As people ‘KonMari” their houses to the tune of Marie Kondo’s ‘Tidying Up,’ you can expect clutter to be out for good.

IN: Exploring the relationship between humans and their surroundings

Perhaps this point is inspired by the Wellcome Collection’s exhibit about ‘Living with Buildings’ and how the built environment affects the human body. People are more interested than ever in how our technology and living spaces work with our bodies. As a result, design trends are focused on natural materials that work with us, not against us.

OUT: Overly gendered rooms for children and adults alike

Whether you are talking about designing a child’s bedroom or a ‘man cave,’ the idea of making things too deliberately ‘macho’ or ‘girly’ is definitely out.

IN: Taking cues from the Memphis Design School

The Memphis Design movement was an Italian architecture and design movement that emerged in the 1980s. Their commitment to graphic shapes and bright colours is starting to overtake the sparse mid-century modern styles that have dominated for the past decade. People are moving away from straight lines in furniture and turning instead to curved sofas and the inviting shapes of a tub chair.

OUT: The ‘hipster’ coffee shop look

We all know the look: Edison bulbs in brass pendant fixtures, metal bar stools, exposed brick, faux industrial touches, and rough hewn wood. While the hipster look is here to stay in coffee shops, it shouldn’t be the default look for your kitchen or lounge room.

IN: Statement Upholstery

One of the biggest trends of 2019 is shaping up to be statement single piece upholstery. Try a patterned tub chair or a bold sofa in jewel tones to give your space a chic modern look. You might be surprised by just how much one piece of furniture can update and freshen up a room.

OUT – Copper Furniture

Copper has been all the rage for the past few years, as it paired very well with the ever present ‘millennial pink.’ Now that the colour palette is broadening again, consider incorporating a broader spectrum of metals, including those that look more natural.

IN: Bold, colourful graphic art pieces

Minimalist design and Scandinavian décor has been the standard for the past 10 years, but this is starting to fade away. Bright colours, bold designs, and graphic patterns are taking its place. Add small art pieces to your home, or consider an even more dramatic large-scale piece that takes up an entire wall.

OUT: Minimalist art pieces

As stated above, the Scandinavian design school is no longer considered the pinnacle of design. People are getting bored of sterile, minimalist art, and they want something more unique and bold. The most important thing when choosing art for your home? Buy what you love, and what inspires you. Don’t pay too much attention to what is in or out of style!

IN: Blush, bronze and dusty pink – think warm and soft

Some of the trendiest colours of 2019’s palette are blush, dusty pink and bronze, giving a sleek update to the ‘millennial pink’ of the ‘10s. Break up these warm, feminine colours with taupes and neutrals in order to modernise and update an out of style room.

OUT: Cool greys and icy blues

It’s official – these cool and cold colours are officially out of style, in favour of the aforementioned jewel tones, rosy pinks, and warmer neutrals. Already committed to an icy palette? Warm it up with pops of teal and bursts of emerald green.

IN: Bold colours and patterns in the kitchen, especially on the backsplash

People have long been painting their kitchens in simple, monochromatic tones, but now it is time to kick things up a notch and make this room look as spicy as your cuisine. A bold backsplash is a good way to add some interest and colour without overdoing things.

OUT: Fibre art anywhere and everywhere

Over the past few years, it seems that fibre and textile art is suddenly everywhere. Sure, a lovely woven wall hanging looks great, but as Amy Sklar of Sklar Design

Says, “I love a good weave as much as the next person, but as we have hit a saturation point, we are veering dangerously close to macramé owl overload of the 1970’s.” You don’t want your bedroom to look like Aunt Carol’s lounge room, do you?

IN: A bohemian look and feel that speaks to you

This relaxed and easy going look shouldn’t be confused with the overworked eclecticism that we rallied against above. Your ‘boho chic’ vibe should be vintage yet modern, with an elegant mix of fabrics and furnishings. Keep things clean, bright and laid back – don’t go too mad! This is a chance to highlight your personality in a subtle way, not spill it all over the place.

OUT: Rooms without any texture, colour or life

Continuing on with the theme above, rooms that are overly designed and only show off one look are on their way as we head towards the ‘20s. Mid century modern touches are nice, but keeping everything one colour, one texture, and one design feels inauthentic and dull.

IN: Acrylic furniture can add structure to small spaces

Acrylic furniture can be an excellent foundational piece in a small space, such as a foyer or small seating area. It provides a workable surface that allows you to layer organic elements without making things feel too busy.

OUT: Overdone brass in every room

Like the copper coffee shop vibe listed above on this list, too much brass can make your space feel like it is trying too hard to be ‘hip.’ Sure, a few brass elements can be refreshing, but when everything is too ‘matchy’ brass starts to feel tacky and overdone. Stick to a few thoughtful details placed here and there.

IN: Rich jewel tones throughout the entire house

While bright and bold jewel tones have been all the rage in kitchens and powder rooms for the past few years, they are now making a move into the rest of the house. Think bold indigo, dark teal, plummy raspberry, and hunter and emerald green. Layer paints, wallpaper, soft furnishings and rugs in the lounge room, dining room and in bedrooms to instantly give a big boost of life to the room.


Refreshing your home’s décor every few years is a way to keep your living space attractive and enjoyable. Staying on trend will prevent your home from looking dated and out of touch. That said, with any interior decor scheme, the best way to design your home is to include colours, pieces, art and other elements that speak to you as an individual (or as a family). By keeping things to what you love, you will always be happy in your home.

Edward Sloane

Edward is the managing director of Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs. He is an expert in quality, comfortable upholstered chairs.


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