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Simple Mistakes Interior Designers Always Spot


We all aim to make our home a stylish property that is the envy of our family and friends. After all, we want our property at the top of the style stakes and to follow the latest trends. However, when we are decorating the house ourselves, it’s easy to make mistakes. But thankfully the errors we make can easily be fixed to ensure our home once again looks beautiful. Here are simple mistakes interior designers always spot and how to sort it ASAP.

Going for seating which is too large for the area

We all fill our living room with seating that ensures everyone has somewhere to sit when they visit. But when you do purchase seats for the area, you need to make sure you think about the size. After all, if you buy a couple of sofas, they can overwhelm the area. And instantly the room will feel cramped and cluttered. Therefore, make sure you opt for seating which will not clutter the room. You might want to go for a couple of grand armchairs such as fabric tub chairs which will look beautiful in your living area. They will still provide seating for guests but will ensure your living room is properly scaled so the seating doesn’t look too big or small for the room.

Not providing adequate storage for clutter

When we are buying items for our house, it’s easy for storage to be at the back of your mind. After all, you are choosing pieces you love that will look stunning in your home. But functionality is so important when choosing furniture. After all, you need to provide adequate storage options or you will end up with clutter in your rooms. They will make the rooms look cramped and smaller than the size they are. Therefore, make sure your clutter is hidden away by either removing it from your home or finding a new home for the items. You can get a beautiful ottoman or a bookshelf which will not only look beautiful in the rooms but will help you to fit the clutter. Therefore, always think about function before choosing items for your rooms.

Using too many colours at once

We all love our house to look bright and beautiful. After all, colour can open up space and brighten up the room. And we want our house to have personality and charisma. So, we fill the rooms with bright, varying colours. However, one error that an interior designer will spot straight away is if you use too many colours. As it says on, it will make the space feel not peaceful and relaxing. In fact, it can make your mind feel cluttered and active. So if someone wants to switch off after a long day at work, they will struggle with too many colours. Therefore, try to only use a couple of colours at once. While you want a beautiful contrast, stick to just a couple and then your home will tick all the design boxes.

Not having a focal point in a room

When we shop around for our home, we often buy lots of items which we love and want to fill our property with. After all, we think it will help to make the room look beautiful and add character. But a lot of people forget that it’s so important to have a focal point in the room. After all, this gives the room the purpose and will bring the eye to focus on the one thing. If you fill the room with too many things, it will end up causing the room to look cluttered and it will have no purpose. Therefore, as it says on freshome, don’t scatter furnishings about the room; find a focal point and then add furnishings around this. For example, an armchair or a coffee table might be the focal point of a room.

Not injecting a touch of your own personality

It’s easy to follow the latest trends when creating your well-designed house. After all, you might take inspiration from magazines and websites on the latest designs, and copy this in your own humble abode. But it will be easy to tell if you have not injected your own personality in the room. After all, it will be similar to other properties and won’t have its own charm. Therefore, make sure you do add a touch of your own personality to the home to give it some inspiration. As it says on GQ, it’s important the spaces are comfortable for people living in them. Therefore, remember it’s your own home; not a show home.

Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.


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