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Interior Design Ideas On A Budget


As a customer of our wingback chairs, we know you are keen to make the most of your interior design.  It is not always easy to get the look you want when restricted by a budget.  Here we offer the ultimate guide to luxury interior design, without over-the-top costs.


One of the easiest ways to impact your home is to change the colour of the walls.  Paint is quick and easy to apply, and you can make a wholesale change on a limited budget.  You have lots of options to make a statement.  You could go for the bold feature wall, a vibrant colour that is mellowed by other walls painted in a neutral magnolia.  If you go for intense colour on all the walls, you could end up with a headache, and you are likely going to make your room look much smaller.  A two-tone colour scheme adds a hint of glamour without breaking the bank.

The more neutral the hue, the more sophisticated the look of the room.  You can easily change the accent of this colour when you get bored, especially if you make careful choices in the other décor.

Alternatively, you could go for some interesting geometrical shapes patterning the walls.  This is a particularly useful technique in a bedroom, where you are looking for a personal style.  A simple line of paint close to the ceiling can add a perception of height to your room.

It is also best to look at the current trends, there was a period of distressed paint, then egg-shell, or something similar, and recently it has been a plaster effect.  Trends will change, and Pinterest can give you a head start in coming up with potential designs.



Real glamour comes from crown moulding.  In days of old, this moulding at the border where your ceiling and wall meet was filled with ornate flowers, animals and faces. Although you may not want this level of decadence, a simple moulding can add a hint of class without breaking the budget.  New build homes tend to lack these character details and so adding them is a cheap and straightforward design technique.

The general rule of moulding is the wider the trim, the more expensive the look.  However, be careful to balance the size of your room with the type of moulding you choose.  You don’t want your room looking out of proportion, as if you have entered Wonderland with Alice.


You might not need to change all your furniture.  You might think you do, as you are heartily bored of it.  However, interior design ideas on a budget cannot include a few thousand pounds on buying everything new!

First, evaluate what you like about the furniture you have now.  Then, choose cushions and throws that make the most of what it is you enjoy about this furniture.  Look to pick out new details in your space, whether it is the pattern in your wallpaper or the rug.  It could be that in your blue and silver design you opt for cushions and throws that draw out the vibrant blue rather than the silver!

It really is easy to find designer bargains from outlet stores.  There is no need to break the bank to make a visible change to your living space.

One way to add a hint of luxury is to go for the larger 22-inch pillows, especially if you opt for over-stuffed pillows.  The sense that you can just sink into the design makes your space feel more like home too.


Creative lighting could be all you need.  Sometimes you don’t need to repaint or change all your accessories.  Sometimes a well-placed lamp or changing your shade can make a huge difference.  A simple decision could be to replace mismatched lighting.  We all collect bits and bobs as we move through life.  Maybe your interior design choice could be just to match this one feature of your room.  Try it, and marvel at the cohesion it brings to the look of a room.

It is also possible to buy lighting that acts as a feature piece, at a relatively affordable price.  There are some fantastic spots, some intricate tree-shaped design lamps, and even all-year round string lights to surround feature pieces of furniture.

For a real sense of luxury design, buy two matching lamps at a small expense and place on either side of a sofa. You will be so on trend that your friends won’t feel they can enter without taking off their shoes!


Whether curtains or blinds or drapes or even a delicately slung piece of fabric: the way you dress a window makes a massive difference.  What people tend to forget about windows is that they function as a means of letting light into the room.  The darker the room, the smaller the room will look.  Therefore, choosing the right colour for your window covering is an essential starting point.  The choice of colour is about balancing a desire to block out light pollution at night, creating a cosy space, and letting in the light during the day for a sense of vibrancy and openness.

There is no point in saving money by buying flimsy, unlined curtains.  No matter what other choices you make in the room the visitor’s eye will be drawn to the cheapness of this selection.

So, your one luxury in your budget redecoration could be to go to a fabric store and have your curtains or drapes made for you.  If you set a budget with the store, you can still have this touch of the bespoke while keeping to your promise of only using interior design ideas on a budget.

When you hang your curtains leave a larger space than you would expect above the window.  If you hang your curtains from just above the window, it makes the curtains look sparse.  Adding a bit of height here will give that suggestion of luxury and make your windows seem taller.


Lush carpets underfoot are all well and cosy, but unless you are willing to undertake daily vacuuming duties, it can be a pain.  The best rooms on a budget will always be easy to maintain, as well as great to look at.  So, the best option all round is to go for the laminate hardwood flooring.  This gives a stylish look and if laid expertly can create a perception of length to a room.  Better still, a wooden floor can be cleaned in a quick 10-minute dash with a squidgy.  If you have pets, this is the only sensible interior design idea.

Flooring also acts as a neutral background for other choices.  It is easier to change a rug than it is to have your whole room re-carpeted. It is this flexibility that makes hardwood laminate flooring such a sensible but beautiful choice.


Door handles, the poor, ignored relative of interior design.  If you want to make your interior design sparkle, choose distinct door handles and your job is done.

Imagine last time you walked into a friend’s kitchen.  They have spent thousands on surfaces and floorings, and you end up crooning over the delicate design of the drawer handles.  They cost them a couple of quid each, and this is what you spot.  We are naturally inclined to tune into the smaller details rather than sweeping features like walls and floors.

There is no interior design idea on a budget as simple as changing your door handles.  You can add those personal touches by going to a car boot or an antique shop and finding ones no one else has ever seen.

The same works with taps in the bathroom – it could be all people talk about.  Everyone has the basic builder’s faucet and never think to do anything else.  With one imaginative choice, you could be the talk of your group.


Mirrors are a great way to add light and space to a room – much cheaper than the extension or the conservatory! If you choose silver or brushed nickel frames, you will get a much more luxurious look than choosing something made of gold.  Although gold gives the impression of wealth, it looks a little tacky when used in larger feature pieces in a room.

Distinctive pictures can act as a replacement for a big paint job.  Sometimes all you need is one mouth-gaping piece of artwork, and nobody sees anything else.  In fact, if you chose to have plain walls with your picture, then you are a design genius, as this acts as an excellent contrast to the vibrancy of the painting or photograph.

The odd pile of books also works to add a point of interest.  Be careful though, these can gather dust, and if you are more slob than a domestic goddess, these could detract from the design of your space.



Probably the most significant expense when designing a room is the furniture.  If you can, work with what you have got.  Often if you move the room around a little, you can refresh your view.  You might just need to unclutter the space – putting things in storage, taking them to the charity shop or making use of eBay.  We often accrue items as time goes by, gifts for birthdays or a flea market purchase.  These all add up and start to look untidy.  Have a clear out – it is much cheaper than buying a new sofa or a new table.

If you do decide to buy new furniture be careful to avoid bargain buys.  We are more likely to get upset with poorly made, poorly designed pieces and need to buy again sooner than later.  If you are going to invest, invest well and think about the long-term rather than the next year or so.

two grey velvet tub chairs in a corner of a room

The quick tips

If you only have a few seconds to spare, then here are the best interior design ideas on a budget in a nutshell.  First, usually, it is the smallest details that make the most significant difference.  So, you can paint the walls a neutral tone, put wood laminate onto the floor, then add the flourish with a few accessories like cushions and rugs – and the work is done.



Edward Sloane

Edward is the managing director of Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs. He is an expert in quality, comfortable upholstered chairs.

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