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Interior Design Trends – What To Expect In 2020


Your home is your sanctuary, and it should reflect your style and design ethos. As we head into 2020, it is time to really think about what makes you happy, and create a home that you find tranquil, beautiful, and relaxing.

For many of us, our homes are a constantly shifting palette of the art, design, colours, and furniture that we love. Some of these pieces are timeless classics that will always bring a smile to our face, and that we can’t imagine our home without.

However, each new year brings with it new trends and designs in home décor. Rather than think of these new trends as a mandate to completely renovate and redesign our homes, think of them as ideas for small updates along the way.

Remember – some trends (like the Nordic entry you will see below) emerged years ago, and never really go away completely. Others morph and change (like the Japanese Nordic fusion trend), picking up new design elements over time. Still others pop into fashion for a year or two, and then disappear from good taste forever (or for another few decades). Mixing these trends together will prevent your home from looking dated over time, while still maintaining a sense of style unique to you.

As we head into spring and summer 2020, here are some of the newest design trends to be on the look out for. Do any of these design trends tickle your fancy?

1. Energise your home with the Abstract

As we head into 2020, be on the look out for big splashy interior design, inspired by abstract impressionism.[1] Abstract expressionism is all about bold geometry, sketched shapes, and bright bursts of colour. Rather than invoking a specific image, abstract art is all about evoking a mood and playing with your emotions.

In addition to splashes of colour, abstract interior design elements also include line drawings, hand-drawn forms, and subtle tricks of the eye.

Colours to look out for:

Abstract impressionism is not shy when it comes to bold colours. Bright reds, soulful navy blues, mustard yellows, and saturated mauve. Pair these colours with simple black and white elements for something truly artistic and driven by design.

Where in your home does Abstract interior design work best:

Most people find that abstract impressionist interior design looks best in rooms where you feel comfortable making a big, bold statement. If you want to be quite literal, you can display a classic piece of abstract art on a cushion, statement rug, wallpaper, or duvet cover.

Abstract Images

2. Simple, structured, and Nordic chic

Nordic style never really goes out of fashion, and this look evolves on from the beloved Nordic Retreat style so popular in 2019. Think of the Danish ‘hygge’[2] mixed with a cosmopolitan flair. The result is a calm, comfortable, and inviting space that is perfect for friends and family to kick back and relax.

Remember that the ethos of Nordic style is all about sustainability, so consider using some upcycled or repurposed objects and art. Raw edges and rough hewn wood meet glass and subtle metal design accessories for something that it truly remarkable.

Colours to look out for:

Pair your soothing greys and exposed wood elements with bolder pops of warm colours, such as dark plum, cobalt blue, and mustard yellow. Your main colours should be warm neutrals, such as oatmeal, beige, and buff. The contrast is what creates the drama and cosiness that exemplifies Scandi design.

Where in your home does Nordic interior design work best:

Nordic elements look wonderful in nearly any part of your home – think about making your lounge room or bedroom a cosy sanctuary. However, it can also work well in a bathroom, or in a kitchen. Don’t be surprised if everyone crowds into your kitchen to bask in the Danish glow!

Scandinavian Living Room

3. Keep things comfortable and calm

Your home is your own personal safe space – a haven and sanctuary that should feel like your own piece of heaven. While comfort never goes out of style, this look aims to add timeless elegance and effortless chic to soft, soothing, and relaxing elements.

Add a series of soft natural textiles throughout your space – a soft woollen blanket should always be within reach. Washed linens, thick weaves, plush cushions, and cooling cotton throws are all ideal for this look.

Colours to look out for:

Cool, calm, and comfortable – natural pigments are the way to go. Think cool greys, warm light pinks, natural browns, and cool blue tones. You can also add some organic colours, such as mossy green and washed teal.

Where in your home does warm and soothing interior design work best:

Based on the fact that a lot of these colours and textures are subtle and soothing, this design works best in character properties. Think about applying it in a period property, a country cottage, or a barn conversion. Mix things up with a bit of vintage and heritage glam to prevent things from feeling too ‘one note.’

Calm Living Room Design

4. A touch of Art Deco glamour with an eclectic twist

It’s time to take a page out of the 1920s and ‘30s Hollywood glamour – after all, we’re heading into the ‘20s once again! The 2020 version is all about Retro Revival, taking elements from the golden age of film and amping it up with a touch of sexy ‘70s cool. Think rounded furniture with fluid shapes, scalloped chair backs, and Art Deco mirrors for a boost of timeless opulence.

Where in your home does Art Deco glamour work best:

This look will work in a lounge, but looks its best in a bedroom, powder room, or bathroom. Of course, if you prefer truly flamboyant style, wheel a glass and chrome cocktail trolley into your dining room, or wallpaper your lounge with a geometric Art Deco pattern.[3]

Colours to look out for:

Art deco is all about the metallic touches – gold, copper, brass, and bronze. Mirrored elements are also classic, as is crystal and glass. For your keystone pieces, pick rich and bold colours, such as ruby red, royal blue, dusty rose, and ochre. Velvet accent chairs in jewel tones can be the perfect boost of style for your lounge, transforming it into an art deco playground.

Art Deco Interior Design

5. Japanese design elements meet Scandi inspiration – ‘Japandi’

While Scandi designs are still incredibly popular on their own, the trends for 2020 include a mix of Japanese elements and Scandinavian design. Think a mix of simple and graceful Nordic style with the silk textures, bird motifs, and lacquer accessories of Japan.

Japandi design is best described as a mix of Scandinavian simplicity and cosy hygge with Nikkei minimalism. Bring the two together and you have a chic and stylish design for 2020 and beyond.

Colours to look out for:

If you want Japandi style to work well in your home, keep the colour palette soft and simple. Greys, dusty rose, soft green, and pale blue work well in this context. Add pops of rich shades, including emerald green, indigo blue, deep teal, and contrasting black. A mix of with Japanese dark woods and blonde Scandi woods will give your space depth and interest.

Where in your home does ‘Japandi’ work best:

Japandi elements will look great in any room of your home, but this style is particularly suited to a living room or bedroom. Remember – the

Japanese concept of ‘wabi-sabi’ allows you to see the beauty in all things – which room of your home could benefit the most?[4]

Japandi Interior Design

Looking ahead to 2020 and beyond

Of course, as you add new design and décor elements to your home, you don’t want them to be a ‘flash in the pan.’ Fast fashion and temporary home accessories often look cheap and tawdry. Instead, invest in home design trends that will stand the test of time – or at least a few years. Enjoy your new décor!





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