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How to Make an Impression with Accent Furniture


Have you ever considered accent furniture? Take a look at how bright, quirky and stylish accent furniture can help make a lasting impression on guests, family and friends.

We all want to live in a functional, stylish home. Accent furniture is the addition that can turn a room from ordinary to extraordinary. And yet, not many of us are brave enough to take the plunge which got us thinking – what is accent furniture and how can we use it?



What is accent furniture?

An accent piece is something that stands out but doesn’t clash with the rest of the room’s décor.

It stands out by being different but still maintains a sense of cohesion between it and the rest of the room or space in which it sits.

The word ‘accent’ means to stress or to emphasise something and that means a piece of accent furniture can stand out whilst emphasising the minimal décor, for example.

An accent piece of furniture is of multi-value – it is functional but super stylish. For other items, such as an outstanding sculpture or pendant light, it draws the eye, adding more than a hint of excitement to the room.

An accent piece can be a statement colour or have amazing dimensions, shape and form. It adds drama to the space, the stand out item that gives the room the wow factor.



How to choose the right accent piece?

There are many ways of adding accent to a room and they don’t all have to come from your usual shopping destinations.

For example, if you are opting for the traditional style, finding an accent piece in the auction room wouldn’t go amiss. Or if you are considering the more modern or minimal style for your home, an accent chair with an uber-modern flair would work.



Ideas for accent furniture in key rooms in the home

The best thing about accent furniture is that it doesn’t need to be confined to one area. It isn’t a rule that a piece of accent furniture can only be used in the living room or the bedroom.

But it is important that you get it right otherwise the accent piece can look out of place and an after-thought.

Let’s take a look at accent furniture in the hallway, the living room and the bedroom;



The bedroom

Creating a restful yet stylish boudoir is something we all hanker after. Thus, an accent piece is not out of its depth or too much for such a room;

  • A bedroom chair – the accent chair in the bedroom needs to really pack a punch so instead of opting for the low bedroom chair, opt for the ‘full’ look. A winged back chair, traditionally seen in the living room, would be a delightful addition.
  • The four poster – is there a more elegant accent piece of furniture than the four-poster? We think not. From the regal stature of the traditional four-poster to the lithe frame of the more modern pieces available, this is the must-have accent piece in any bedroom.



The hallway

An important space, this is the room that sets the tone for the rest of your home. It needs to be warm and welcoming, with plenty of detailing to give is va-va-voom but not too much that it feels cluttered and oppressive.

Suggestion for hallway accent furniture include;

  • A large, oversized wooden chest or blanket box – perfect for hiding away shoes and bags, and a handy seat too.
  • Statement lighting – from the over-the-top chandelier to an exquisite lamp on the console table, lighting is a great way of adding an accent with functionality too.
  • Mirror – it doesn’t have to be oversized but by paying attention to both shape and the frame, the hallway mirror can be a beautiful accent piece that speaks volumes.



The living room

The living room is a communal space that all the family enjoy and it is also the room that visitors and guests tend to be ushered into.

Still catching their breath from the statement piece in the hallway, give guests more accent furniture piece in the living room;

  • The one imposing sculpture – it speaks for itself but a sculpture, anything from abstract to traditional, is a wonderful accent piece.
  • An imposing piece of furniture – why not opt for a piece of dark wood furniture? The patina of dark wood develops even more over the years, becoming a piece that will be admired many times over.
  • An accent chair – from a beautiful coloured accent chair to one with a pattern or a style and shape all of its own, the accent chair works well in the living room.

What other accent pieces can you think of?

Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.