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How to Make Your Living Room Cosy this Winter


three cosy living room designs for winter

As the nights draw in and the winter gales lash at the window, the best place to be is safely ensconced in the warmth of your home. The living room is a family gathering space and as such you should add details that make it a warm, cosy and welcoming space this winter.



For a room to feel warm, it needs to look warm, too, we have some great tips for giving your living room an extra layer of warmth this season.

The first is to start with colour. Winter in the UK can be a fairly miserable season with dull grey skies, chilly wind and endless rain. That said, there are also some days that are bright, clear, crisp and cold. Either way, you and your family will want to feel wrapped up and warm.

three colourful living room designs

As such, warm colours help you to find a room more appealing when the weather outside is damp and chilly. This doesn’t mean that you need to paint and or add new wallpaper – you can simply add winter colour with accessories.

Choose warm colours such as deep red, burgundy, deep oranges and darker shades of green and blue. Consider festive patterns, such as snowflakes and checked throws and cushions. We also like to add wildlife and nature-inspired cushions and throws, such as the resplendent head of a stag or the cute button eyes of a hedgehog festooned cushion. Perfect for nestling into the corner of wingback chair by the fire.

Top tip – adding colour in winter doesn’t mean just red accessories. Navy blue is a warm colour, as is dark, earthy green, brown and copper. Stay away from pinks and other colours that cool undertones such as light blue and white, although when used sparingly, they can add a hint of detail that a room sometimes needs.



three living room designs inspired by nature

This brings us nicely to bringing nature into the living room, but more in the choice of materials. From fluffy fleece throws to wool blankets and cushion covers, if a material has a deep pile, it instantly appeals when the days are cold.

Layering these throws and blankets across the back of the sofa or on the arms of an armchair helps to give the texture and depth that any room needs.



Now that you have a room that appeals to the eye, you need to add to the warmth with scent. There is no doubt that scent plays a large part in your home, no matter the season. We associate some scents and aromas with various seasons.

In summer, we want a scent that is crisp, clean and light, but in the winter months we want deeper spicier scents. Choosing a living room scent laced with cinnamon and mixed spice is ideal, and there are many ways to add these warm scents to your home:

  • Scented candles – Taking all necessary safety precautions, burning scented candles in your living room will introduce a mild scent that lingers satisfyingly for several days.
  • Potpourri – All the rage back in the 1980s, you can be forgiven for thinking that it is a little old hat! That sad, dried flowers and seed pods scented with spices and light perfume are perfect for bringing a light scent to a space. Giving off its aroma over many weeks, potpourri works best when it is in a warm room, positioned away from a heat source. When spring comes, simply recycle it into your green garden waste and make a fresh batch of potpourri for the coming winter.
  • Scented room sprays – With winter winds blustering outside, opening windows means letting out expensive heat, and so changing the air can be difficult. There are still some smells that you want rid of from the living room, and this is why it is worth investing in room sprays. Again, choose winter aromas, laced with orange and cinnamon. As you leave the living room at night, spray the room spray a few times and let the aroma settle. When the door is opened the following morning, the room smells pleasant and aromatic.

three warm living room design ideas with candles

Tip scent tips for winter – choose scents that have spicy undertones, such as clove, cinnamon and orange. For a fresher scent, choose winter berries – but whichever scent you choose, stick with it otherwise you will have too many clashing aromas. And don’t forget, use sparingly as the idea is that it is a background scent and not an assault of the nostrils.




And finally, the other aspect we need to look at in more detail is touch.

With the fire ablaze and the family snuggled in throws and blankets, it is important to note just how important the sense of touch can be when it comes to making the living room look and feel warmer.

Choose cushion covers, throws and blankets that all have a deep pile. The idea is that when you touch them, they feels soft to touch but, more importantly, the fibres are deep and long, giving a delicious and luxurious feeling between the fingers.

But don’t forget the floor. No matter whether you have hard floors or carpets, adding a rug (or two) will give you an extra layer of warmth underfoot, ideal for giving the living room a cosy feel.

three rustic style living room designs

A rug is also a great way of creating smaller, cosier areas in your home. Place a large rug close to the fire with a pair of wingback chairs on either side and a small side table in between for coffee and a good book. Huddle close to the flickering flames, enjoying the latest bestseller, warm and insulated against the winter weather outside.

Winter doesn’t have to be miserable, especially when you are cocooned in a pleasantly decorated and accessorised living room with your nearest and dearest! How do you add depth and colour to your home over the winter months?

Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.