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27 Home Interior Design Trends To Get A Head Start On For 2024


2024 will be a big year for creating a shift in home interior design trends. As such, now is not the time to wait! Home decor trends are evolving, and new decor trends are only expecting to change annually. In this article, you will find the hottest top 27 home interior design trends that are bound to take the world by storm and revolutionise our living spaces.

What’s Hot for 2024?

As we look towards the coming year, we have found that home interior design trends are expected to change in many ways, from different textures, colours, wall features, and even smart home and AI integration. Indigo Acre design director Yvonne Wigstead, has announced that, “we expect the trends for 2024 to evolve from shifts in house size and functionality, technological advancements and societal shifts to being more environmentally-conscious.” 

This is only expected, because we are forever looking for new ways to save the environment and do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint, both in and out of our homes. But what specifically should you get started on for introducing upcoming interior design trends to your home? Let’s find out now. 

1. Tropical Maximalism

tropical maximalism for home interior trends 2024

To start, Siobhan Murphy from Interior Curve, considers tropical maximalism to be a hot topic in terms of interior home designs for 2024. As such, she has highlighted that, “lush foliage, exotic prints, and vibrant hues collide in a riot of design energy, bringing the essence of paradise indoors, as a celebration of escapism and an antidote to the mundane.” 

In turn, this means that we should become inspired by nature and give our homes more of a tropical feel, expressing our inner animal where possible.

2. Colour Clashing

colour clashing interior design trends 2024

Another interior design trend that is bound to rock up 2024 is colour clashing. In recent years, a minimalist, contemporary-modern approach has spanned into millions of homes worldwide, ensuring that less is more, particularly with neutral colours like white and grey. 

However, that is not necessarily the case, according to interior design expert Siobhan Murphy, who has also pointed out that “boldly mixing unexpected hues will be all the rage, injecting rooms with a sense of daring and playfulness that breaks free from conventional colour schemes.” Be sure to try out these bedroom colour ideas for further inspiration.

3. Lemon Sherbet Interiors & Bright Colours

lemon sherbet interior inspiration

Experts have also suggested that brighter colours such as lemony shades and a vibrant kaleidoscope of bright colours, bringing forth a cheerful and uplifting atmosphere. These invigorating hues are set to redefine the way we perceive and embrace colour in our living spaces. For example, picture sun-soaked yellows and citrusy oranges infusing rooms with a sense of energy and vitality. The use of such vivid colours can instantly transform a room into a lively haven, creating an atmosphere that radiates positivity and joy.

4. Pink Resurgence

pink resurgence home interior trends 2024

Pink has always been a timeless and ever-versatile hue, and is poised for a triumphant resurgence in 2024 alongside other bright colours such as yellow lemon. From “soft blush accents to statement magenta shades”, this colour will make its mark in interior design. It effortlessly complements a variety of design styles, adding a touch of sophistication and warmth to any space. The versatility of pink lies in its ability to adapt, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both subtlety and drama in their home decor.

5. Art Deco Inspired Interiors

art deco inspired interiors home interior  trends 2024

A century after its heyday, the opulent allure of Art Deco is making a triumphant return, albeit with a modern twist. Interior spaces in 2024 will boast the luxury of geometric patterns, lavish materials, and a sense of timeless glamour. Art Deco-inspired design elements can “infuse interiors with luxury, geometric patterns, and lavish materials,” according to Siobhan Murphy. Art Deco will revoke the spirit of the Roaring Twenties in a new contemporary context.

6. Palm Springs

palm springs home interior trends 2024

Taking inspiration from Hollywood Regency and mid-century design and glam, the Palm Springs trend will transport us to the heyday of Beverly Hills. This style incorporates “lush palms, pastel hues, and a touch of retro allure.” The result? A nostalgic nod to an era of glamour and sophistication, reimagined for the modern home.

7. Pattern Clashing

pattern clashing home interior trends

Bold colour patterns will undoubtedly play a part in interior home trends for 2024. This, in turn, will “add visual excitement and personal flair to spaces,” according to Siobhan Murphy, and will welcome “self-expression and unexpected harmony.”  Therefore, the key to successful pattern clashing lies in striking the right balance, allowing contrasting designs to coexist harmoniously and breathe life into your decor.

8. Versatile Stripes

home design trend interior stripes

Stripes, both classic and timeless, will continue to find their place in various design styles in 2024. Their versatility serves as an accessible gateway to the world of pattern mixing. Whether you prefer subtle pinstripes or bold, contrasting bands, stripes can add depth, rhythm, and a sense of order to your interior decor. You can incorporate these into your upholstery, wallpapers, or accessories to achieve a look that’s uniquely yours.

9. Layering for Depth

laying cushions for interior design

Siobhan Murphy adds that layering helps in “creating depth and visual interest […]  resulting in spaces that feel inviting and lived-in.” Experiment with textiles, such as plush rugs and tactile fabrics, alongside decorative elements like cushions, throws, and artwork. This approach not only adds depth but also allows your personality to shine through your decor.

10. Incorporate Vintage

vintage style home decor trend

Looking to the future In 2024 can only be inspired by the past. And this can only be done by “embracing the past through vintage pieces aligned with eco-conscious values, breathing new life into pre-loved items and creating a unique space,” as Siobhan Murphy points out.  Vintage furniture and accessories, such as angel chairs and wingback chairs, tell a story, infusing your home with a sense of history and nostalgia. It’s a sustainable and stylish way to add character and individuality to your living spaces.

11. AI for Personalised Spaces

home interior design AI integration Alexa

In 2024, AI will naturally integrate its way into interior design. For example, Alexas and facial recognition software are quickly being integrated into everyday homes. Artificial Intelligence also offers “suggestions and innovative solutions that align with individual preferences,” too, in order to make a home decor design a lot easier.

12. Paint in Unexpected Places

home decor trends paint in unexpected places

“Daring to splash paint on unconventional surfaces such as radiators and doors adds a surprising touch of creativity, pushing the boundaries of traditional interior design.”

These bold choices introduce surprises and playfulness, pushing the boundaries of conventional aesthetics.

13. Elegant Curves and Arches

elegant archway home interior design trend

“Inspired by the dynamic shapes of the fluted trend on platforms like TikTok, the use of curves and arches infuses interiors with a soft allure.” In this sense, you should not be afraid to get experimental and creative with your 2024 home decor design trends, and “adding a bit of ‘ugly’ to draw the eye,” such as by “embracing asymmetry, quirks, or intentionally imperfect elements creates visual tension, bringing intrigue to interiors and sparking conversations.”

14. Soft, Dreamy Lighting

dreamy lighting home interior design trend

2024 home decor design ideas are bound to take a few unexpected turns, and “ethereal lighting” is no exception, as this features “feathered fixtures which transform interiors into dreamlike sanctuaries, casting a soft and enchanting glow.” Do not be afraid to be unique and imperfect in your interior design for the coming year.

15. Chic Home Bars

home interior design trends for kitchen bars

Drinking at home can sometimes be more inviting and relaxing opposed to having to get ready and visit a hectic bar in town. This is why, in 2024, as Siobhan Murphy has highlighted, “the home bar trend gains momentum, offering a chic and social space for entertainment, reflecting a desire to bring conviviality into everyday life.” 

Chic bars offer stylish settings for gatherings and relaxation, epitomising the idea of home as the heart of good company and great drinks.

16. Gold 

home interior design trends gold background

Alongside other aforementioned colours such as pink and yellow, “gold accents and finishes make a grand statement, as they help to infuse spaces with luxury and sophistication. Gilded furniture, shimmering fixtures, and gold-leafed decor add regal elegance,” and these can be accompanied alongside button back chairs that meet these bright colour tones.

17. Maximalist Rugs

home interior design trends rugs

“Floors become a canvas for vibrant expression, with maximalist rugs boasting intricate patterns and bold colours that anchor the room’s design.” If you truly want to bring your floors to life, incorporate the right textured rugs for the ultimate maximalist approach.

18. Borders Redefined

home interior design trends 90s borders

Borders are “making a comeback from the 90s,” and have been reimagined with a new twist. This will help in “offering an elegant way to frame spaces and add an extra layer of design.”

19. Wallpapered Ceilings

home interior design trends wallpaper ceilings

“Wallpaper climbs to the ceiling, creating an immersive and visually captivating atmosphere” according to Siobhan Murphy. If you truly want to make a bold design statement in your 2024 home decor trends, consider wallpapering your ceilings with products from Interior Curve.

20. Dopamine Decor

home interior design trends personalisation and dopamine decor

Sometimes it is good to add your own lick of personality to your home decor trends. This could include “personal touches, eclectic items, and cherished mementos that will turn houses into soulful homes.”

21. Hidden Doors

hidden doors for home interior design trends

Add a touch of mystery with hidden doors. Amy from Designer Walls highlighted that “hidden doors are something we’ve noticed is growing in popularity, particularly on luxury projects. When done correctly they look extremely impressive!”

Therefore, try adding sophistication and style to your home decor trends by creating hidden doors, as these concealed entrances surprise and showcase functional design and aesthetics in modern interior design.

22. Ambient LED Lighting

home interior design trends LED lighting

We have also realised within this list of interior design trends for 2024 that “LED lighting integrated into walls has become a popular choice” as it offers a unique ambiance to interior spaces. Lynes Pro is an ideal solution, as it helps to provide hidden integrated lighting that enhances the atmosphere. 

23. Slatted Walls

home interior design trends slatted walls

An expert at Designer Walls has stated that “slatted walls are extremely popular at the moment. Standard slatted walls are almost reaching saturation point and we believe the trend is moving on to a more evolved slatted wall.” Therefore, they urge homeowners to light up with Lynes Pro slatted panels and waterproof slatted panels

24. Media Walls with Design Flair

home interior design trends media walls

Media walls are in high demand, especially those infused with design elements. For instance, “Media walls have been very popular in themselves but design led ones with marbles, slats, wooden panels can look stunning.” These design-led media walls combine functionality with aesthetic appeal, creating spaces that are both visually striking and technologically advanced. 

Be sure to look at a range of wooden panels by Form at Wood and explore how they have integrated 3D wooden panels into modern office design.

25. Waterproof Panels

waterproof panels for home interior design trends

Some consider “waterproof panels as alternatives to tiles,” as they help to “provide a seamless look with no grout!” Many of these panels can be installed directly over existing tiles, saving time and money on tile removal and retiling. Learn more about the best wall panelling for bathrooms now, exclusive to Designer Walls.

26. Eco-Friendly Interior Designs

earthly hues for home interior design trends

Design Director, Yvonne Wigstead at Indigo Acre, has provided the following opinion piece on the interior design trends we expect to see in 2024:

“Particularly in the early winter months of 2024, there is likely to be an even bigger shift towards eco-friendly design, with interiors decorated in warm, earthy-inspired hues. Alongside this, a lot of indoor plants truly ‘bring the outdoors indoors.’ Furthermore, she believes that ‘sustainable materials like bamboo, rattan, and recycled products could dominate.’”

In this sense, when planning your home decor trends, consider being more eco-friendly in creating a cosy, homely environment. Remember to consider your pets here too, and see how our dog room ideas can make a difference.

27. Inviting Outdoor Living Space

cosy outdoor space for home interior design trends 2024

Home decor trends extend outdoors as well. As we look to spend more time outside rather than in the confines of a house, try turning your garden into a living space as well. Vertical gardens, green walls, and climbing plants create lush, vibrant outdoor spaces. Accessories like outdoor rugs and mirrors add a touch of opulence, making small gardens feel like grand extensions of the home.

Prepare for a Resurgence in Home Decor Trends

As you can see, 2024 is bound to cause a shift in home decor design trends, as we look to make our homes more sustainable and eco-friendly. Some unique statements are bound to be made along the way in order to make your home more different, but in turn, staying ahead of the times by using AI technology, LED lighting, and slatted wall panels will undoubtedly make a good impression to your house guests. The future has never seemed so bright with this dynamic fusion of style, technology, and environmental mindfulness.


How to design the interior of your home?

Begin by assessing your space and determining your style. Set a budget and plan a functional layout. Choose a harmonious colour palette and incorporate various textures and patterns. Prioritise both natural and artificial lighting, and personalise with accessories that reflect your personality.

What interior design is trending now?

Current trends emphasise sustainable and eco-friendly designs. Biophilic design, which integrates natural elements, is popular. Dark, moody interiors with deep hues are in vogue. Multifunctional spaces cater to work-from-home needs. Vintage pieces are being mixed with modern designs, and textured fabrics like bouclé are making a comeback.

How do I style my house like an interior designer?

Design with a focal point in each room and maintain balance and symmetry. Embrace a mix of styles, textures, and patterns. Use the rule of three for grouping items and layer elements for depth. Add a personal touch with unique items and memories.


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