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7 Hallway Decorations That Make the Right Impression

The hallway is easy to leave unadorned and uninteresting, all in the name of leaving it clutter-free. That’s what we think it should be like. But first impressions count. so if the hallway is boring isn't making the statement that you would like it too.

But this doesn’t mean make drastic changes. The smallest of details can have a superb impact on turning the hallways from ordinary to extraordinary.


     I.        Let there be light!

Most hallways have one problem in common – lack of natural light. Most lack a pleasant ambient light of any kind. It seems the lighting in a hallway alternates between a bright light commonly seen on airport runways and tiny, ineffectual lighting that adds nothing of consequence to the space.

The time has come to take charge of hallway lighting. If nothing else, invest in a dimmer switch and the services of a qualified electrician to give you control over hallway lighting.

There is nothing to say that the hallway light can’t be a statement piece. We are loving the industrial style pendants as well the over-exuberance of a hallway chandelier. Nothing is too good for the hallway, in our opinion…


   II.        Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Nobody said we had to reinvent the wheel and so if nothing else, a hallway mirror is a super detail to add. The bigger the better, in our eyes, but for a very small hallway a frameless mirror works well. In a slightly larger hallway, you can make just as much of an impact with the frame as the reflective properties of the mirror.

From reclaimed wood framed delights to ornate, moulded frames, there is a mirror out there in your style, size and budget range.


 III.        Art gallery

The vast expanse of wall in terms of both height and width are simply begging to be used. From creating stunning displays of your family portraits and prints to oversized film posters, there are all kinds of memorabilia and art that can take pride of place in the hallway.


 IV.        A ‘green’ wall

For those of us that want to make a big impact, there is this clever idea of creating a green wall or a sumptuous indoor garden.

There are all kinds of ways you can do this from creating a frame that holds plant pots, to a bespoke and professionally made vertical green wall to creating your own out of life-like artificial plants.

Greenery in the home – more so live plants than artificial walls – is now thought to have an impact on our physical and emotional health. As you know, plants like carbon dioxide, something we produce in abundance as we breathe out hundreds of times in a day. Cleansing the air is one thing but that fact they do and that make a design statement is a double-winner in our eyes.


   V.        Statement flooring

Lighting, mirrors, art gallery and green walls are all well and good but what about a more permanent addition of statement flooring?

From high-quality oak flooring to coloured quarry tiles, there are many options when it comes to creating a statement hallway floor. From the classic monochrome pattern to hardwearing linoleum, there is a solution that suits all hallways and all budgets.


 VI.        Seating

You won’t realise the difference comfy accent chairs or benches in the hallway make until you put them there. Come in from work, having dodged the weather, and slump into a comfy accent chair whilst you kick your shoes off and slide your feet into your ever-welcoming slippers.

If you are not a fan of colour in the hallway, an accent chair is also the perfect way of adding a pop of colour. And, of course, for the stylistas amongst us, it is also a means of adding an exquisite piece of detailing.


VII.        Feature the stairs

It has been a trend that has hovered on the sidelines for some time, but this could be the year that we see more of painted stairs or risers. A stair carpet runner is also making a comeback, but we think playing with colour by painting the stair riser, the small space between one stair and the next, adds character, detail and a small slither of colour that is perfectly placed.

What would you do to make an impression in your hallway?