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Hallway décor ideas to help you make the most of your space


There are those spaces in our home that do not make for easy decoration.  Your hallway, for instance, tends to be small and pokey, but it is the entrance to your home – therefore, it is pretty vital. Yet, despite this crucial first impression, it is often one of the most neglected spaces in our homes.  It is a bit of a dumping ground for all sorts of paraphernalia.

You could use this “small is beautiful” space to make a statement.  There is always the possibility of choosing a feature furniture piece, such as one of our fabric tub chairs.  This will provide somewhere to sit as visitors remove their shows.  But what other hallway furniture ideas exist? How can you make the most of this space using some of the best hallway décor ideas? This is what we aim to explore in this article.

The basics

When you are looking to decorate your hallway, you should choose neutral colours. Not only should you select lighter shades for the walls but also for the flooring too.  As this is a small space, it tends to be dark and pokey.  Therefore, an injection of some light will give a perception of the room.  Bright yellow is popular currently.  This modern look, with some green foliage, smacks of warmth and welcome.

You also need to select a hardwearing floor.  This is a place of heavy traffic.  Therefore, a carpet will quickly look dirty and threadbare. Consequently, it would help if you went for wood or stone as more practical choices for the hallway.  You can always provide a mat for visitors to wipe their feet.

Your walls may also get scuffed with mud and flecks as people enter.  Therefore, choosing to paint the walls here will give you the chance to touch up the walls when they get dirty.  Wallpaper would require a whole new decorating process unless you went for some of the washable varieties.  If you do choose wallpaper, it is better to go for a subtle and basic pattern.  If you select anything too elaborate you will make a small space, feel even smaller.  Basic geometric designs are both timeless and useful in small areas.  They draw the eye along a space, leading to a greater sense of depth.  If the emphasis is on the width of the hallway, you are always going to feel cramped.

Some tips and tricks

  • Add the illusion of more space – Some hallway furniture ideas can make the difference to your hallway.  You could, for instance, position a mirror on one wall.  The mirror will bounce the light around and so make space feel much bigger.  Your teenager will thank you too – as they can spruce up before answering the door or leaving the house.
  • Clutter = a claustrophobic hallway – Clutter in the hallway will always be bad.  So, it is essential to invest in some practical storage units.  You could get yourself a console table for your keys, letters or general miscellaneous items that never seem to have a home.  Alternatively, you can put up some shelves and then you can get baskets or boxes for shoes, hats, scarves, etc.  Some beautiful antique trunks can make a statement in the hallway.
  • Use what is already there – Why not make a feature of your coats? You can get yourself some fun pegs to hang on a wall that will be the perfect place to hang your outdoor kit.  Maybe you could purchase one of those clothes rails that you see in garment shops – that would look cool and organised.
  • Bring nature incide – If a feature piece of furniture is not possible in your hallway, draw the eye with a pot plant instead.  Plants also help to improve the air in your home, so can deal with a lot of allergens.

Made to measure makes space

When you are dealing with any small space, you do not have room to spare.  Therefore, if you genuinely want to make the best of this area, then you should have something made to measure.  Choosing to have a console or cupboard built into the wall will increase storage space and the quality of the finish of the furniture.  Not only could this be a highly practical addition to your home, but it could also be the perfect counter to the clutter that upsets many homeowners.  Remember, when ordering bespoke furniture, that you can dictate lots of small details.  If you have young children, then you could ask for pegs at kiddie height – for instance. A tiny feature but one that could make your young person feel more independent and unique.

Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.


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