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Style tips for a girls room


We think our tartan tub chairs and tartan wingback chairs would make a perfect selection for a special, quirky girls’ room design.  We also think that coming up with girls’ room ideas is the best part of interior design.

First, the good news: coming up with girls’ room ideas is easier than with your boys, as there are many approaches you can take.  Second, more good news: you have a lot of space within which to be creative – so you are going to have some fun. Bad news? It might not quite be as cheap as your son’s room.

The first step you take when designing a girls’ room will be your hardest.  You need to move away from pink.  You will start to do it without thinking.  You will choose wallpaper with unicorns with pink horns.  The next thing you know, you have pink curtains, pink woodwork and a fluffy pink cushion.  You have just drowned your baby girl in candy floss.  Here are some ideas that can offer your girls’ room ideas a little more sophistication.

Choose a theme that is both young without being childish

The thing is that you want the décor of the room to grow up with your daughter.  She may be toddling around on wobbly legs now, but soon she will be striding and precocious.  Therefore, why not choose a theme like birds.  You could have a beautiful wallpaper with hand-drawn birds and clouds.  However, other features of the bird theme could be created with textures, such as a rug that from a distance could be made from branches thanks to the thick tufts of yarn.

Think symmetry; think a flash of colour

You could use patterns that are lavish and eye-catching, but you can seek to put some order into the design by using symmetry. Balancing the room using a central line of symmetry will help the eye navigate the different features in the room.  If this looks too contrived, then you could have a lot of neutral colours and then have one flash of dramatic colour – be it pink, or yellow, or red – to accent the hues used elsewhere.

Remember to try to avoid the cliché of pink if you can, but sometimes your girl might demand it.  If you want to offer an alternative suggest lavender.  You could then add some flashes of floral and stripes to accentuate the patterning of the flower.  Imagine adding some purple fabric to the walls of a lavender room, to add that extra element of texture.  Your little girl could find the tactile surface calming.

Playful Patterns

If you are going to have patterns that speak of the playful nature of your daughter or young person, then you should focus these in a small area.  There could be a duvet cover, one wall of wallpaper, a fixture – something that acts as a focal point.  If you want your girls’ room to be functional as a place they can sleep, as well as stylish, then you cannot have too much pattern.  The busy shades will stimulate the mind and make it difficult for her to sleep.

This is the same with stripes – one chair, or a carpet – and stripes work.  Too many stripes in too many directions will create lines for your wakeful girl to follow into the night.

That one bespoke feature

Maybe more important than your dreams and ideas for the perfect room is the girls’ room ideas from the girl in question.  You could argue that giving your 6-year-old free reign to design the bedroom of her dreams could end up looking something like a trifle that has been tipped on a 1970s carpet.  You would rightly argue that this would counter all other advice given so far.

So, here is an idea that could make this work for you.  Take your girl on a shopping trip to find one object that she loves beyond all dreams.  You could take her around flea markets and into vintage stores, to look at beds and lamps and maybe even rugs.  Once she has fallen in love with this one bespoke feature, you then take charge and design the form, function and palette that supports this choice.

In short

Coming up with girls’ room ideas should be fun.  That little girl is likely a bundle of character and fun, and she will have views of where she would like you to begin.  It is possible, with a little creativity, to design a room that will grow with your young person.

Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.


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