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Transforming Furniture With Reupholstery

Perk up old and tired furniture with re-upholstery. With so many fabrics, styles, colours and patterns, you can turn an old-fashioned piece into something super-stylish.

Browse selling sites online and you will see well-worn leather and upholstered sofas and armchairs being sold on for a pittance of their original selling price. All because the current owners feel that they have served their purpose and its time to buy a new one.

But here’s the thing: unless you have the budget for bespoke designer pieces, you are likely to buy sofas, armchairs and accent tub chairs from online or high street retailers. And the chances of coming across something unique is limited.

What if there was another way?

Reupholstering furniture – the simple truths

There are many reasons why re-upholstering furniture is a great idea;

  • Less sent to landfill – waste is a big issue in the UK at the moment and will continue to be for a long time. So the days of ‘buy, use, dispose’ are long gone. By reupholstering, you are not sending a whole suite to landfill.
  • Reusing is all the rage – just like Grandma used to do, ‘mend and make do’ has a 21st-century twist because it isn’t about ‘making do’ but adding your own stylish print onto an item.
  • Cost-effective – with austerity measures still biting, many people are still feeling the pinch when it comes to household budgets. Anything that saves us money is fantastic news, no matter how flat or buoyant the economy and our finances.
  • Truly unique, truly you – it may sound like a slogan from an advertising campaign for shower gel, but we think there is nothing better than the fact when your reupholster something, whether it is a sofa or a footstool, you are creating something entirely unique to you.

Unique, different, money-saving and environmentally friendly

Who could argue with such fantastic benefits and when it comes to reupholstering furniture this is exactly what you get. But how does the process work? And how long will you be sat on deck chairs whilst your sofa is at the upholsterers?

·        Time is of the essence

It is a common question – how long will I need to live without my sofa? – and so we need to tackle this first.

Most upholsterers accept the job, you pick your fabric and so on, but don’t take your sofa or armchairs away until ‘it is their turn in the list of assignments’. This way, the length of time you are without your sofa and chairs, or whichever item it is, is minimised.

·        The process of re-upholstering

Once the sofa or chair etc. is at the workshop, the task of re-upholstery can begin.

The team will strip down the item, removing and recycling the fabric from the old sofa or chair. A lot of this material is shredded and made into insulation for buildings, something that more UK-based companies are doing.

The team will then check the frame of the item. As well as looking for damage from use, they will look for pest problems too because woodworms love the wooden frame of a sofa…

They will also look at the springs and any other mechanism that need repairing or replacing.

After this, they start the reupholstery process. This includes the main item and, in many cases, customers opt to have the seat pads replaced too.

This process can take a few days to several weeks, depending on the work needed and how large a task it is.

Can you do it yourself?

Re-upholstery is a common DIY project and whilst we applaud this, there are some drawbacks when it comes to reupholstering large items of furniture.

Re-covering a footstool is one thing, but do you have the skills and the tools for reupholstering a sofa? If the fabric is too tight, it frays with use. And too loose, and it looks jaded and tired after a few uses.

Making the right fabric choice

The other thing about working with a skilled upholstery team is that they can help you make the right choice of fabric for you, the item and your budget.

Colour and pattern are personal choices, therefore follow your own likes and dislikes because there is no right and wrong.

Where you may need help in deciding the right type of fabric. Whether you opt for natural or synthetic for example, and whether leather or fabric is the better choice. And what kind of fabric…

The list could go on but there is no denying the sheer pleasure of breathing new life into an upholstered item. And how much more affordable it can be than buying a mass-produced sofa.