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Funky Tub Chairs – Add A Touch Of Style To Your Living Areas


Tub chairs or ‘bucket seats’ are a wonderful addition to any room. Often used as occasional chairs, they are in fact very comfortable; our fabric range is perfect for indoor relaxing. They can be used in pairs to create a cosy corner in a living room, perhaps with a little coffee table between for teas or coffees whilst reading the paper or looking out into the garden, especially with the autumn chill just around the corner. They can help to section off part of a bigger room to create an intimate space for relaxing and chatting in the morning or evening.

Versatility at the Core

However, they can also be used singly to make a statement in a spare room. Colourful varieties can be used to create a contrast in a dull space and breathe life into a dark nook. Immediately, the bland spare room can benefit from a facelift with the addition of this bucket seat. It’s best to compliment them with plainer soft furnishings where they can really have an impact, rather than teaming them up with other bold fabrics that would vie for attention and create too ‘busy’ a room.

Why not try placing one in an upstairs corridor or downstairs hallway so you can enjoy a different part of your home or achieve some much needed quiet time? They are also extremely handy when entertaining, allowing guests to rest and socialise outside of the main living areas. Wherever you use them, the fashionable spots are perfect for bringing sophistication and fun to your home.

More Than Just a One-Trick Pony

Not only are funky fabric chairs suitable for your home, they make an ideal piece for high end hotels who want to offer more to guests. As hotel chairs, they are compact and comfy, offering a restful break from a long day. After a hot shower, wrapping up in a dressing gown and snuggling down in one of these chairs is a great way for guests to unwind before an early night or an evening out. Patrons will love the designer feel of the spots, which are always so en vogue. Large orders can be catered for hassle-free, ensuring continuity and cohesion in a room or throughout your establishment.

Likewise, a dash of colour can instantly brighten up the ambience of a waiting room with a clean, fresh sweep of colour; heaven -sent with those dark days looming! Clients are able to relax in the fabric tub chairs whilst reading a magazine or filling out a form, making them an exceptional piece of waiting room furniture. They can be used for staff meetings too, allowing employees an element of comfort and style for an early morning heads-up or an after work coffee. Not only are these bucket seats available in an incredible range of shades, but a huge range of stylish fabrics too. All our chairs are made to the very highest standards and delivered straight to your door within 48 hours.

Anna Sharples

Office and marketing manager for Sloane & Sons Stylish Chairs, who sell a range of high-quality tub chairs, accent chairs and more.