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  • Colour Chart

    Ever wondered what your home says about you? Well here at TubChairs.com we have put together a colour chart of all our furniture colours and patterns to tell you exactly what your furniture choice says about you. For those redecorating, we have also included a few tips as to how you can use each colour or pattern within your homes. Let us know what your furniture says about you in the comment section below.

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  • Dare to be Different

    How many of us dare to be different and feel confident about it? It’s more likely that we conform to what others expect to see from us in order to melt into the crowd and not “stick out”. We conform more often than not by wearing our hair in a certain style, wearing certain types of clothing for work or going out and perhaps even the spectacles that we wear. Why do we do it? Because we don’t want to be criticised or worse still, laughed at. Continue reading
  • What Is A Bucket Chair?

    Here in the UK it’s common to refer to our product as a Tub Chair, however in the US a Tub Chair is something different all together, it is called a Bucket Chair. Continue reading
  • Funky Tub Chairs - Add A Touch Of Style To Your Living Areas

    Tub chairs or ‘bucket seats’ are a wonderful addition to any room. Often used as occasional chairs, they are in fact very comfortable; our fabric range is perfect for indoor relaxing. They can be used in pairs to create a cosy corner in a living room, perhaps with a little coffee table between for teas or coffees whilst reading the paper or looking out into the garden, especially with the autumn chill just around the corner. They can help to section off part of a bigger room to create an intimate space for relaxing and chatting in the morning or evening. Continue reading

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