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5 Ideas for Eye-Catching Accent Chairs

black accent chair  

An accent chair is a piece of furniture that is made to stand out. A statement that brings a heavy dose of style, colour, shape and texture to a room. There are many choices of accent chair that will revolutionise your décor.


Top 5 Accent Chair Ideas


Bamboo or rattan chairs

You may associate them with a 1970s conservatory – and no one wants a return to the high-backed rattan chair of that decade. But there is a resurgence for the love of bamboo or rattan frame chairs, especially as accent chairs.

If you are lucky, you can pick up a pair of this style of chair from thrift stores or recycled furniture outlets. Look out for chairs that would once have been dining chairs in the conservatory.

Check over for damage to the frame. But if you come across a pair, snap them up. You can use them in any room, but their less formal styling makes them perfect the home study or garden room.

Spray paint the frames in white and recover the seat with new upholstery in a colour of your choice and you have fantastic occasional accent chair.


The Louis XV Shaped Chair

This is a traditional style that was originally popular in the French court of Louis XV in the late 18th century. The upholstered seat was matched by upholstered armrests and had a rattan back. It also boasted shaped legs and details that more than matched the sumptuousness of the Palace of Versailles.

There is a welcome resurgence in this regal style. Although the surrounding décor may not be as sumptuousness of the French court from long ago, we love the detailing of the legs with flecks of golden detail. Choose a rich coloured upholstery, from burnt orange to a deep green, to really make the chair stand out in all its glory.

Perfect for the bedroom, this style of accent chair may come at a price, but they are a worthwhile investment.


Art Deco Inspired

The art deco era from the 1920s spawned an iconic style that is still in use today in homes and businesses across the globe. The term art deco wasn’t coined until the 1960s by which time it became synonymous with sumptuous luxury.

There are fantastic examples of modern art deco inspired accent chairs that are perfect for making a statement in any home. Whether you have styled it along with minimal, traditional, rustic or maximalist lines.

Choose a crisp design – an oval back with unadorned armrests and chair legs – but sumptuous fabric and a deep seat that simply invites you to sit in it. Modern examples have a metallic paint finish and for an up-to-date look, we suggest a rose gold finish.


Bold Upholstery

Trends come and go but one that remains is the accent chair. And to make a statement, you can harness many different things, from iconic shape to bold upholstery.

Why not? The Pantone colour of the year is a beautifully deep, dramatic ultra violet. We think this would make a perfect colour for accent chairs. But if this doesn’t do it for you, choose bold patterns that really stand out.

From bold, fun daisy prints to geometric patterns, the choice is entirely yours. No matter what shape of chair you choose, from the traditional wingback chair to the tub chair, opting for a bold, patterned upholstery gives it all that it needs to stand out.


A Sculpted Frame

What we have noticed is that the accent chair of 2018 tends to be less about informal, comfy seating and more about making a statement.

And the sculpted frame is hotly tipped for fame this year, especially in a metallic finish. It may attract – or not, it is a personal choice after all. But some of the sculpted frame styles we have come across remind us of the corporate dining room chair.

What accent chairs styles have you fallen in love with?